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I don’t know when luxury goods have been a topic of conversation in people’s lives, from “Tiffany”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Chanel” and so on, are familiar brands. From “Tiffany”, “Louis Vuitton”, to “Chanel” and so on, are familiar brands, but the silver jewelry through the brand to create, among the ranks of luxury goods, only the king of silver jewelry “Crocodile”. So what is good about “Crocus” silver jewelry, and what is expensive? And through what channel to bring it to the top of the trend into the view of everyone? Nikisho will briefly introduce the history of “Crocodile Heart” to you.


When it comes to “GD” Kwon, I believe we are not strangers, since 07, 08 Korean idol group “bigbang” has triggered a variety of dress trends, but a large number of foreign luxury brands should be used from 09 years, 09 years “bigbang “” has been sporadically wearing some classic silver Crocodile jewelry, heavy metal texture and “bigbang” colorful, youthful idol style to “Crocodile” later In the same year, the music video of the single “where u at” from “Sun” was an integral part of the advertisement to promote Crocodile, and “GD” finally loved “Crocodile”. The “Crocodile Heart” was launched 11 to 12 years later, “Crocodile Heart” launched the mini4 ring, which finally made our “GD” can’t stop wearing it. The designer Karl Lagerfeld is also a fan of “Crocodile”, he has always been cold, whether it is a show or an event, willing to promote it for free.


Here we come to the design style of the Crocodile Heart, Chrome Hearts silver jewelry by hand workers, workmanship, texture first-class, style old rugged, production deliberately retained 925 silver oxidation of black, after oxidation and then polishing polishing, in the shiny silver surface added soft gray and black dark shadow, the sense of hierarchy is very obvious, can be described as fine workmanship, its design style a blend of rock Its design style combines rock, goth and punk, with the spirit of medieval religion, under the graceful arc and dyed black shadows, creating a unique and charming style, full of artistic sense. Because of its strong original design has been steadily according to the silver jewelry brand throne, so Crocentric silver jewelry more than the general meaning of jewelry, its price is also far more than the price of general silver jewelry.


So, what are the meanings of some of Crocodile’s classic patterns and who is its designer?




The “Iris” was considered a symbol of the Virgin Mary in 13th century Europe, and was given a Christian connotation in the 14th century, and is often used in Chrome Hearts designs for pendants, earrings, and rings.


The “cross” represents God’s justice and love, and is the most dominant shape in the collection, giving the brand a mystical and fraternal theme.


The “dagger” is a symbol of protection and the piercing of evil, representing justice and revealing the temptation of evil behind justice.


The “scroll” symbolizes the wisdom that God has given to people and thanks God for his devotion to them.


Next, let’s talk about who the “master designers” of Chrome Hearts really are.


Chrome Hearts was founded in 1989 by Richard Stark, and was sold in counters in Los Angeles from 1989 to 1995, and opened its first boutique in New York in 1996.


In the current 2018 Crocodile Hearts has long been the unshakable big brother status in the tide, but also become a must-have item that many celebrities and hipsters will have. Croxin has only opened more than 20 physical stores around the world, and is not sold on the official website, even if you go to the counter is very difficult to buy the popular models.


Each piece of Crocus’ silver jewelry, even a cufflink, needs to go through many hurdles such as manual polishing and delicate carving. This kind of thoughtfulness in time to refine and carve coincides with the huge contrast with today’s mass factory mass production environment, which in turn is invaluable.


Such handmade silver jewelry does not have the coldness of other heavy metals, but rather the warmth of the heart, as it is imbued with the warmth and sweat of the maker’s palm before it is formed.


Born in May 1960 in New York Utica, Richard Stark started out as an architectural intern working for a construction company. Richard Stark was introduced to the fascination of leather, and eventually gave up construction to work in the leather goods industry.


Because of his original interest in motorcycles, he met John Bauman, who was also in the leather industry, when he was touring the United States with Harley-Davidson, a biker brand, and the two of them started a leather goods business together. The two men continued to work hard to implement their fashion philosophy into one product after another, and then met LEONARD KAMHOUT, a gold engraver, and the three of them tried again and again to incorporate silver into leather products, but they encountered many difficulties in the process.


The three of them tried again and again to integrate silver into leather products, but there were many difficulties.


Richard Stark, Leonard Kamhout and John Baumann founded the Chrome Hearts brand in 1989. Richard’s cross shape is the centerpiece of the brand. Goldworker Kamhout designed the BS flare and Celtic accessories, while designer Stanley Guess provided a number of prototypes, creating classic shapes such as the short sword and the gold wire hook and claw.


Knowing this, I believe it’s only right to call Crocin the king of silver.

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