The new Givenchy Forbidden Heart Red perfume is now available

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People who are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life occasionally want to break through the pressure and constraints and find their true self with confidence. The new Givenchy Heart is a spicy black-and-white fragrance that is a fervent desire to break free, to burn away the chains and inhibitions in the heart and to enjoy the freedom.


Inheriting the legendary art of fragrance


In 1957, the first bottle of Givenchy Taboo perfume was launched, becoming a classic testimony to the friendship between Mr. Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. 2019, Givenchy Heart of No Taboo perfume is a bold and avant-garde fragrance that subversively interprets the attitude of freedom and unrest, leading people to feel the pleasure of breaking through taboos. Now, the new Heart of No Taboo Red perfume comes in the fire, inheriting the legendary art of forbidden fragrances, presenting a new spicy black and white notes, and with a passionate and bold red bottle, just like the fire burning deep inside people, burning out the shackles and taboos in the heart, releasing the fearless true self.




Spicy black and white notes


The “red spice” runs through the heart of the fragrance, setting the mood of the fragrance on fire. The spicy black and white notes linger on the nose, with a dynamic blend and distinctive personality. The elegant white notes are more than elegant, but a dangerous and sexy expression of fire, while the individual black notes are hot in a spicy fragrance.


In the passionate “red spice” rhythm, blood orange from Sicily enthusiastic opening, vivid breath collided with the heart of the iconic white notes, elegant reveal a touch of rich charm. And by the sweet pepper leaves, pink pepper, cumin, cloves, cardamom, a blend of five red spices, like a cluster of hot fire, so that the heat gradually spread, you will be introduced to the hot fragrance ecstasy. Fresh and warm Nigerian ginger, warm and sensual sandalwood into a charming and pure black fragrance, in the hot sense of the release of irresistible charm. Spicy black and white notes like a fire, burning out the chains and taboos, igniting the restless longing of people’s hearts.


Rich white notes: blood orange, neroli, tuberose, jasmine


Hot black notes: red spices, Nigerian ginger, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli


High Definition Packaging Design


Givenchy chose red, one of the brand’s representative colors, as the main color of the packaging, and the fire-like attitude of the fragrance into the packaging design inspiration, with bright colors to renew the outer box packaging. The bottle is a continuation of the elegant and modern design of the Heart of No Escape perfume, and also pays tribute to the classic bottle of the 1957 Forbidden Fragrance. Givenchy has used artisanal techniques and ingenuity in the details, so that the red lacquer envelops the bottle, but still reveals the layers of perfume ripples, blooming a luxurious and glamorous red light. The neck of the perfume bottle is tied with a classic black ribbon and a delicate silver 4G logo plate, showing Givenchy’s elegant and modern high-fashion character.


Heart of No Taboo perfume series


If the Forbidden Heart perfume is a signal to break through taboos and release repression, then the spicy fragrance of Forbidden Heart Mystique is like a flame that burns through shackles and taboos, igniting the restless longing in people’s hearts. Follow the guidance of the legendary forbidden fragrance and unleash your true nature together!

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