The pattern is open, look at hundreds of millions of jewelry is not inflated!

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Every July, the heat is unbearable, but there is always a breeze “refreshing”, so that you do not feel anxious and comfortable. This “relaxed” is from the major brands of beautiful high jewelry.




The new Sixième Sens par Cartier High Jewelry collection is a collection of colorful stones with abstract cheetah motifs, organic textures and a glorious light. …… The attractive hues of the ripe fruit evoke the exotic aromas that bloom in exotic places, making it an enchanting experience.


The combination of gems in this work uses geometric illusion patterns, using the power of visual disparity and emotional resonance, to bring the imagery out of reality and create a radiant design. As the jewels are pressed against the skin, they sparkle in the light and glow with infinite vitality.


How do you sublimate the beauty of an 8.2-carat ruby to make it more radiant?


The ring’s hidden multi-layered structure allows a 4.01-carat rose-cut diamond to be hidden beneath the top ruby, where the light reflected by the sparkling diamond adds layers of color and depth to the ruby’s visual impact.


This structure uses triangular cut diamonds as a backing to keep the ring light in appearance. The triangular-shaped diamonds and ruby beads that surround the main stone reveal more light and reflect the beauty of the ruby itself, thanks to a clever openwork structure.


high jewelry


The diamonds, onyx and natural crystals create a vivid tessellation pattern, with the stones arranged in an interlocking pattern of high and low, giving a three-dimensional structure to the simple lines, creating a deep and majestic visual effect.


The mirror-polished precious metals and geometric onyx forms are intertwined to create a vision of light and shadow. Between the movements, everything in time and space seems to be lost in this precious mosaic world.


As always with Cartier, the back of the piece is designed with the same care and attention, mirroring the front in reverse.


In 1914, the non-realistic cheetah motif was officially introduced into the Cartier animal kingdom, thus inaugurating the classic cheetah style. Today, this new necklace continues the non-realistic approach by recreating the cheetah with precious stones.


Polished onyx depicts the cheetah’s spots, while white, yellow and orange diamonds and three lustrous golden-brown topazes weighing a total of 27.34 carats depict the cheetah’s lustrous and textured golden fur.


Thanks to the overall three-dimensional construction of the piece and the articulated sides, the necklace is flexible while maintaining its geometric shape.


Born in the early 20th century, the sapphire and emerald combination, known to Louis Cartier as the “peacock motif”, is Cartier’s signature color combination.


A 21.51-carat sapphire in the center of the ring is full of color and brilliance. It is surrounded by a symmetrical cascade of diamonds and emeralds, while the black lacquer finish on the sides adds a shadow effect, like ripples on a lake.


The gorgeous band spans three fingers and is light and airy at both ends, like a rippling scroll. The ring can also be worn as a brooch.This necklace offers a strong impact of color and a stunning texture.


The jeweler first selects the emeralds according to their hue and diameter, then carefully arranges the stones according to a symmetrical aesthetic, before stringing them together with silk threads in a beaded tassel using Cartier’s time-honored beading technique. Finally, the strands of beads are linked by tiny metal bridges to keep the tassels in a fan-like format while allowing them to move freely.


Pink-toned tourmalines and pink sapphires create a delicate combination of same-toned stones, which are complemented by bright orange garnets and sparkling diamonds.


The richness of this necklace is balanced by linear curves that create a natural, organic form, like sweet berries on a branch.


This sparkling piece features six different cuts of diamonds: kite, octagonal, emerald, triangular, baguette and round brilliant. With DIF or EIF certified diamonds, the light intertwines and dances to create a dazzling effect of light and shadow.



Three diamonds – a 3-carat kite diamond, a 1.62-carat octagonal diamond and a 1.54-carat emerald cut diamond – stand out from the dazzling light between the finely intertwined geometric lines.

The diamond band is shaped like a thin braid, and the round brilliant diamonds dotting the edges of the band seem to follow the geometric contours in a continuous loop.




The Swiss master jeweler and watchmaker Piaget presents the new Extraordinary Lights High Jewelry and Watches collection, composed of three different thematic chapters: Celebration of Light, Wonderful Light and Eternal Light.


Piaget has always been fascinated by the beauty of precious stones and is dedicated to revealing the hidden beauties of marvelous nature. In the brand’s exceptional workshops, master craftsmen have perfected the art of goldsmithing, fine watchmaking and gem-setting, techniques that have been developed over generations to create masterpieces of exceptional beauty.


The Light of Happiness High Jewelry necklace is set with a 10.12-carat intense yellow diamond, showcasing the brand’s exceptional gemstone cutting expertise.


The necklace is also detachable and can be worn as a ring by means of a cloaking device placed on a special setting. Every detail of the cloaking device has been conceived and crafted with care, allowing the necklace to be worn in more ways than one.


The High Jewelry earrings and ring of this theme are also set with rare and intense yellow diamonds, a unique cut that makes this set even more rare.


The Blazing Night High Jewelry necklace is set with 12 magnificent rubies from Mozambique and Thailand, with a pear-shaped cut that echoes the graceful curves of the lantern, and a vibrant red color that accentuates the passion of the person under the lamp.


The necklace takes on the shape of light radiating outward, a design that is further interpreted in the bracelet watch of the same collection.


The Aurora Borealis High Jewelry brings together the wondrous energy of this divine beauty, glowing with the light of the aurora borealis.


The purity of the stone gives it a sense of vitality and dynamism, and is a tribute to the light of nature.


Due to the fragile nature of emeralds, only a master craftsman with more than 15 years of experience could use his skills to embed a perfectly proportioned square-cut stone without damaging it, giving this emerald of the highest quality an enchanting glow.

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