These “black technologies” directly meet all my fantasies about beauty stores

wu meijie Date:2021-09-22 17:23:02
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The new retail store is located in the core area of Oriental Beauty Valley in Fengxian New City. The beautiful and creative decoration inside the store makes people feel amazing as soon as they enter. Complementing this is the exquisite arrangement of a black technology instrument, which gives people the same sense of amazement in the experience.


When I expressed my desire to buy facial skincare products, the sales clerk led me to an image skin measuring instrument. “Wow!” As soon as I stood, the image skin meter display showed an image of my face, and next to the image, there were many more items that could be tested: oil, moisture, sensitivity, pigment breakdown, pore cleanliness …… was an eye-opener. “This machine uses the spectral imaging technology and big data analysis technology, can quickly analyze the quick answer.” As introduced by the salesman, after I operated according to the screen prompts, I instantly saw the values and solutions for the amount of skin oil, sensitivity, etc. The solutions provide skin care products that are equivalent to tailor-made.


Try the magic mirror to help makeup matching


After testing my skin, I went to the lipstick counter. Unlike ordinary lipstick counters, the lipstick counter here not only has a variety of lipsticks neatly placed, but also a magic mirror for makeup testing.


beauty store


The lipsticks in the magic mirror, like the lipstick numbers on the counter, have pictures of various color numbers such as red rose, peach orange, clear orange, dazzling Roland, cherry red, amber brown, charming pink, cherry blossom pink, rose violet, etc., which are too numerous to count. Standing in front of the magic mirror, I randomly clicked on the corresponding color picture, and my lips were really smeared with the corresponding color lipstick.


Lipstick trial service


The salesman told me that the magic mirror does not only provide lipstick trial service, but also can provide eye shadow, blush, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyeliner, contacts, foundation and even match the mirror and other beauty content trial service, the operation is similar to the trial lipstick, consumers can also choose the most suitable products according to the trial effect.


DIY instruments can be customized lipstick on site


“If in the magic mirror is not yet optional on their favorite model, next to the DIY,” following the salesman’s introduction, I found a DIY instrument with arms, next to a variety of colors, a variety of scents of raw materials. After selecting the ingredients on the screen of the DIY apparatus, the arm of the DIY apparatus automatically “grabs” the ingredients to make up. After a while, the DIY instrument arm will be “freshly baked” lipstick sent to the front.


What is also surprising is that


Even when shopping for perfumes, lotions and other makeup products. Here you can also,Without opening the genuine product “first try”The “magic weapon” behind this is the intelligent fragrance testing machine, intelligent lotion trial machine and other Black technology products


In front of a smart fragrance tester, I tried to smell a perfume, the salesman immediately took out a test paper from the side of the fragrance tester and handed it over. According to the prompt on the screen, I clicked on the corresponding pattern, and a light flashed in the row of test paper holes at the bottom of the screen. I inserted the test paper into the hole and smelled the corresponding perfume as soon as I pulled it out.


“Let go of shopping” to eliminate the burden of carrying bags


“Black technology not only can provide makeup testing services


It can also make shopping lighter and more comfortable for consumers”


With the introduction of the salesman, I also found self-service shopping machines, self-service sampling machines and other machines here. Through the self-service shopping machine, consumers can buy orders and leave without going to the counter; through the self-service sampling machine, consumers can get complimentary samples for free.

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