These serums, whitening and hydrating anti-aging improve dull skin, so that the skin looks bright and tender

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 15:43:59
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Seolhwa Soo Nourishing and moisturizing essence


The most famous brand is Seolhwa Soo, which belongs to the top brand of Amore in Korea. They are products that contain a large amount of alcohol, alcohol it can help the product to play the role of super penetration, except for the unsuitable for alcohol, other skin with a very good. In addition to alcohol, there is also a large number of Chinese medicine extract ingredients in it. The texture of the product is a translucent brown texture with a herbal smell, and the feeling is very refreshing and not greasy at all. It is a good idea to use it to help our skin to promote the subsequent absorption of the skin, regulate our skin texture, and improve our skin’s ability to retain water and lock in water.


Lancome Goodnight Essence Oil


When it comes to Lancome, no one is a stranger to it. Its beauty care products always bring us surprises, so how can you miss its new Essence “Goodnight” oil? It contains 30% multi-botanical essential oils and 70% soft brightening acids, which can make your skin get a full moisturizing while sleeping and get a full beauty sleep every night.


Seolhwa Soo


Netizen comments: rose fragrance is absorbed well not oil, this evening oil is not the same as other essential oils, which contains a-hydroxy acid, will increase skin sensitivity to the sun, you must use sunscreen products during the day, good sun protection, used twice good absorption, skin moist soft, those two or three days will feel like the skin from the inside out, translucent and shiny.


Ortilie whitening essence


This whitening essence of Ortilie can be very hot, is also one of the good winter essence, it is very strong nourishing moisture retention, slightly thin texture, but on the face absorbed quickly, and very moisturizing. It is not only outstanding in moisturizing and moisturizing, but also has a very strong whitening effect, its main core ingredient is Venefiline 1000, which is a very effective plant whitening and spotless ingredients, Grapeman Venefiline extracted from the juice of the grape vine, in the whitening above the role of both mild, but not like the high concentration of VC to the skin stimulation, this is a relatively mild no burden. It is a serum that can be used during the day, and most whitening serums on the market contain photosensitive ingredients, but this one doesn’t need to be worried about, it can be used in the morning and evening, and it can also be used before makeup to make it more flattering, and the skin will feel soft and tender after each use, and the skin will be obviously white for a period of time.

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