Treasured perfumes that make people addicted to smell! You don’t even know?

wu meijie Date:2021-09-27 11:17:46
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Recently there are always babies in the background private letter I said summer do not want to have a sweaty body, to see the perfume recommendations, no problem, how can not to meet your little wish it!


I don’t know if you will be like me is a face control, buy perfume will look at the packaging, see the good-looking perfume bottle it simply can not hold hahahaha! Well, today I’m going to nag you about the perfumes that I think are most worth getting. In the beginning of the introduction of perfume before, these little knowledge you must know !




Perfume is generally divided into: Parfum, Eau de parfum (EDP), Eau de toilette (EDT), Eau de Cologne (EDC), what is it? It actually indicates the fragrance content of the perfume ~


[Parfum]: is the most intense perfume inside, the concentration between 20%-30%, generally only foreigners can accept so fragrant, can last about 7 hours.


[EDP]: Eau de Parfum abbreviation, more common, the concentration is between 10%-20%, the fragrance is still relatively strong, can last about 5 hours.


[EDT]: the abbreviation of eau de toilette, concentration in 5% to 15% so, more suitable for use at work, the fragrance is about 3 hours.


[EDC]: the abbreviation for cologne, the concentration of only 2% to 4% of the way, very light, more suitable for boys to use, hold fragrance almost in an hour or so.


The general choice of EDP and EDT is enough, the babies can choose the concentration of perfume according to their actual situation, oh, the perfume packaging will have tips !




MIUMIU eponymous women’s perfume


Immerse yourself in a sexy and charming fragrance


MIUMIU’s small blue bottle perfume is really considered very classic, it is the same perfume bottle design, just different colors, the taste is also different Oh. It may be that its style is too girlish, although it is an old perfume, but now it is still very popular ~


Atelier Cologne Cabernet Orange Light


A big walking orange, body and soul are glowing


The deer really like this Orangetheory orange light, the deer is really explosive ah! In fact, Atelier Cologne has always played a small fresh design, the packaging design is also relatively simple and generous. Although other flavors in this series also smell good, but maybe I love eating oranges, so Cabernet orange light is the most to my taste hahaha~.


The red haze orange light and a lovely evaluation called “walking big orange”, its taste is a mixture of citrus, orange sweet and sour taste, and then after a while is a light floral fragrance, the latter and sandalwood mix more good smell


GUCCI  Sin Love Eau de Toilette for Women


Tapping into stubbornness and rebellion, emitting seductive power


GUCCI this sin love perfume just listening to the name is very seductive haha, its bottle design is the perfect combination of metal and glass, not only the packaging looks very high, feel is also very good ~


Although it is an eau de toilette, but the taste is still quite strong, is the kind of warm and strong oriental floral notes, after the flavor channel will be better smell, feel more suitable for the kind of mature and elegant girls, will make you full of femininity Oh ~

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