Ulta Beauty Broadens Its Commitment To DEI Initiatives In The Beauty Industry

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Ulta Beauty ULTA +0.4% announced its MUSE 100 initiative which is a celebration of 100 inspiring Black voices in beauty. In February, the MUSE platform was introduced to Magnify, Uplift, Support and Empower Black voices in beauty and the recent announcement furthers its commitment to amplify Black voices in retail. MUSE 100 is recognizing the industry’s leading change makers including brand founders, activists, authors, and makeup artists. A complete list of the MUSE 100 can be found on Ulta Beauty’s website.


Dave Kimbell, CEO Ulta Beauty, said in an interview, “I truly love celebrating the 100 inspiring and compelling influencers and change makers who are changing the world around us.” Kimbell discussed how their stories allow others the opportunity to learn from people who are really making a difference in society as a whole. Ulta Beauty is investing in these brands plus providing them a platform to amplify their voices.


Categories of excellence across the beauty industry


Ulta Beauty, along with its DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) Counsel and industry partners identified 10 categories of recognition for Black businesses and leaders. According to the press release, the categories include:  Makeup Magicians: Those making the world more beautiful – artists and innovators in makeup.


 Beauty Industry


Hair Raisers: Stylists and influencers changing the hair game one lock, braid, or twist at a time.


Style Setters: Icons and trend setters in in the fashion space.


Well Makers: Leaders and founders celebrating the beauty of wellness and mental health.


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Story Shifters: Those telling the stories of Black beauty.


Culture Creators: Influencers, makers and content curators driving culture today and tomorrow.

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