What are the best lancome items to buy? Big brands also have chicken ribs, the wrong choice is a waste of money

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Lancome is the French national other luxury cosmetics brand, founded in 1935, so far there have been 86 years of history, since founded, as a blooming rose as a symbol of the brand, the perfect interpretation of lancome for its unique brand concept practice with promises of beauty, women around the world including it in addition to cosmetics, skin care products, perfume also is world-famous, Deeply loved by the majority of people who love beauty and hot.


But with so many brands, which ones are worth buying? And which are chicken ribs, not worth wasting money on? Let’s take a look at some of lancome’s most popular fragrances, skincare and make-up, and see if you’ve used any of them.


Perfume article


Lancome miracle bloom perfume




This miracle bloom perfume is the lancome home burst series, also known as “chopped male fragrance”, completely belongs to the sweet and elegant fragrance, it belongs to a high degree of recognition and extremely discerning fragrance, special unique. It belongs to the classic of classics, before the first tone is early with a spicy smell of the fragrance, let a person instant pure and fresh and the feeling of want to resist the smell again, and then came a faint fragrance, the former with the adjustable transformation make the perfume taste full of administrative levels, the bottom note is adopted musk, sandalwood and let the fragrance of jasmine is very persistent, The faint fragrance is particularly charming. It’s not too rich, it’s not too bland, it’s just the right shade.


Lancome Idole Rose Perfume


Lancome’s Idole is strong when you start, but when you leave the house it’s really sweet and it smells like a really nice rose. Before its tone is sweet lemon and pear, as is the Turkish rose, jasmine and rose in May, India opened the elegant fragrance, perfect eventually white musk and vanilla to the end, the whole feeling is to give a person a kind of tender and noble, and there will be no distance, and it’s the bottle appearance is really can be described with beautiful, fully meet yan accused of little sister.


Skin-care article


Small black bottle submuscular fluid


Lancome’s little Black bottle Muscle base liquid is believed to be familiar to everyone without further introduction. As the first anti-aging essence used by most girls, it is also the star skin care product of Lancome. Its main ingredient is the cellularizing substance produced by the fermentation of diomycetes. Can help the skin to achieve a good strengthening of cutin metabolism, but also help to promote the update of the skin corneous layer, to achieve a good whitening and anti-aging and promote penetration effect. Its texture is really special fresh, strong fluidity, upper face penetration is better, the overall is good.


Lancome powder water


Lancome’s home of the house of the powder with water to its star products, once in the annual list that protect skin is belong to the list on the series, the main effect is moisturizing hydrating, this kind of powder and water are called “dry skin mother”, its main ingredient is the essence of the almond, and small molecule hyaluronic acid, etc., mainly is the quality of a material on the other hand, my face penetration, absorption faster, But for the skin intolerance will be a little stimulation, use too thick is easy to appear stuffy skin, the evaluation of this powder water is mixed, some people think it is easy to use, some people think it is not good to use.


Colour makeup article


Lancome #196 lipstick


Lancome lipstick, as always, beautiful classic carrots color, orange is really wonderful, it really is the most main super white, strong and show the color of white, looks particularly high degree of saturation, and it’s orange attune with brown is mixed properly, will completely don’t have to worry about lipstick fluorescence, such as the color is really good, without makeup lively and natural, Thick paint with a subtle brown tone, it’s really super youthful.


And like makeup, lancome gauze foundation of the home also is very good, its quality is also very mobile, and my face moist degree high gloss feeling is also good, the makeup of the fluid foundation with makeup effect appears to be permanent, is worth us to obtain the series also really pretty is much, but whatever it is big, has good also have chicken ribs, these are to be found waiting for us to go, The main is to choose according to their own skin quality, suitable for their own is the most important.


So do you all like to use Lancome products? Which series have you started, good or bad to use? Please leave a comment below and discuss with us

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