What perfume smells good and long-lasting? These 5 are the most popular series for girls, have you collected them?

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For most girls, perfume is something that can enhance personal charm, as the saying goes, “smell the fragrance and know the woman”, by means of perfume, can always give for us to pass too much with all the interactive message about beauty. And perfume can be a good way to awaken our deep human need for beauty, from the smell of a girl’s perfume, but also a good way to determine how her taste. If you want to enhance your personal charm and leave a deep impression, of course, the prerequisite is to have a perfume that smells good, lasts and suits you.


So many perfumes on the market, in the end, which types are the most popular among girls? In fact, there are commonalities about beauty, and of course everyone’s favorite scent is no exception. Today Tina to inventory the 5 most popular perfume series for girls, all are super classic net red hot models oh.




Gucci gardenia perfume


Light pink liquid, looks very girl sense, this perfume it is mainly with red berries and pears as a top note, sour and sweet beginning, smell very addictive, and then slowly floral fragrance revealed is a gentle girl right, the taste is a relatively sweet type, but not that sweet, is completely belongs to the kind of front seasoning rich, after the tone of fresh for summer and autumn a perfume, summer smell up a special little fresh.


 Blue Wind Bell Perfume


The blue wind chime perfume of Zumalonia should be used by many girls, it is the kind of smell more natural eau de toilette, more suitable for twenty-something girls, the fragrance is more fresh and elegant and not lose the sense of sweetness, the taste is very fresh and pure. The main scent of this perfume is tumbleweed and clove, sweet but not cloying feeling, as if the summer sweet melon fragrance came to the surface, with a little sweet juice flavor, just sprayed out is a verdant grass flavor, followed by a refreshing marine breath, followed by a sense of security of the native wood country, clean to the bone fragrance.


YSL Saint Laurent Black Opium


This Black Opium perfume from YSL is a series that has been the subject of much controversy, with a large percentage of people preferring its scent and some finding it too sweet and cloying. But I personally will feel that this perfume is relatively unique fragrance, first of all, just sprayed out when its fragrance is really very thick, but then more and more good smell, especially in the second tone, really belongs to the kind of mature women stable and mysterious, full of charm and mystery of the fragrance, smell super senior, this is more suitable for a mature workplace women’s perfume.


CHANEL Chanel Encounter Perfume


Chanel Encounter perfume is one of the many perfumes used by girls as the most entry-level perfume, this Encounter perfume series is mainly based on fresh floral notes, the perfect expression of modern women’s bold and charming. This Encounter perfume uses a silver bottle embellished with a classic chic round bottle that continues the floral and fruity tones, which is very high quality just from the looks of it. The perfume gives a very gentle and full sense of girlhood, a light sweet smell, a hint of acid and slightly bitter in the top note, but soon dissipated, then issued is a smell of a very calm fragrance, a little sweet, but particularly advanced.

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