Whoo Queen Glow Presents Secret Patch 12th Anniversary Limited Edition

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On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the release and new upgrade of its classic product, Secret Patch, Korean high-end skincare brand Whoo Queen presents a limited edition bottle with the theme of mountains, rivers and stars, and a limited edition gift box in collaboration with internationally renowned illustrator Mr. Pierre Marie.


As one of Whoo Queen’s core products, Secret Patch Essence has always been dedicated to improving the condition of the skin. In the third dazzling upgrade in August, Secret Patch Essence is infused with double the amount of concentrated luxury essence, strong stabilizing and repairing, further helping the skin to revitalize and stimulate the power of deep self-regeneration.


The rhythm of the palace, all in one bottle


The beauty of the palace is the majesty of the palace. The 12th anniversary limited edition of Whoo Queen Serum is based on the tradition of the palace, with a new and elegant bottle that captures the view of the Korean palace, the mountains, rivers and stars in the slightest detail. The bottle is embellished with bright and delicate beadwork, adding a luxurious touch to the overall design.


Secret Patch


Pierre Marie, who has been working with international brands for more than ten years, has also invited internationally renowned illustrator Pierre Marie to create a limited edition box inspired by the architecture of a traditional Korean palace, and the design of the box is a combination of various palace elements and cultural symbols.


The exterior is square and structured, while the interior is surrounded by rockery and greenery, with strong and bright colors forming a visual collision, richly depicting a beautiful, peaceful and luxurious Korean palace painting, expressing Whoo Queen’s palace meaning, highlighting the overall design’s brightness and dynamism.

Deeply nourishing, shining and self-replenishing


The third generation of Whoo Queen Secret Essence continues the brand’s exclusive palace elements, containing five essential ingredients: Purple River Secret Complex, Rock Goran, Tonic Essence, Cordyceps and Lotus Extract.


Its unique Purple River Secret Complex is more than 10 times more than the main ingredients of Ultra Purple River Essence, doubling the luxury of nourishment, doubling the repair, comprehensive penetration into the deep layers of the skin, systematically nourishing and revitalizing the base, strong stabilization, and from the elasticity, shine, hydration multi-dimensional improvement of facial skin micro-aging traces, effectively improve the skin caused by environmental and stress fine lines, dryness, peeling, shine, fragility, lack of light, roughness and sagging 8 skin Roughness and sagging 8 major skin problems. The skin’s self-generating power is awakened without fear of stress; it is always online, showing a confident “queen”-like face with ease.

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