YSL is not just lipstick!

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When it comes to YSL (Saint Laurent Saint Laurent), most people must be very familiar with its makeup, especially lipstick. However, compared with makeup, YSL also has a significant position in the field of clothing and bags, especially the NIKI series launched in spring 2018, which can be said to be the most representative of YSL style bags.


YSL is a powerhouse in every field, thanks to its founder, Yves Saint Laurent. If Chanel is the world’s most understand women’s women, then Yves Saint Laurent is the most understand women’s men. If Chanel was dedicated to women’s liberation, Yves Saint Laurent was about women being equal to men.


YSL’s NIKI series can be said to be the most representative of its style bag, although not every beauty NIKI style like it, but the women who carry this bag are not simple, the most seen is not a star is supermodel, or fashionista, this unique style of personality really circle a lot of powder. The reason why she can become a classic of YSL is not only because of star power, her design, material and practicality are very outstanding!


NIKI’s bag is not a bit of fancy, neutral and with some decadent rock and roll temperament, casually back to the shoulder, cool and chic. With its soft touch and worn hardware, she looks as if she has been touched by the hand of time, full of story and charm.




The bag uses clamshell with magnetic buckle design, some beauty said magnetic buckle will be relatively tight, beauty can be affixed with a layer of nano film or mobile phone back film, will not be particularly tight and can not see it. Classical and complex zigzag quilting process, with leather wrapped YSL logo, low-key and tone, engraved leather logo side oil edge meticulous processing has reached the level of obsessive-compulsive, not obvious parts are so focused on quality, the overall quality can be thought of.


NIKI’s chain is adjustable,


Old hardware is cool. Can single shoulder back, cross back, relatively thin beauty can also stray back, the proportion is very appropriate. The most intimate is the design of chain and cortical Mosaic, just good cortical part is in the place of the shoulder, perfect solution chain pack the common problem of shoulder, let the shoulder when beauty is used more comfortable.


NIKI’s weight is one of the lighter of the chain packs, with a central compartment and an open back pocket making it more practical while holding an iPad. The bag is not square, but more “soft” feeling, after carrying the upper body has a more casual style, as a commuter bag or street bag is very suitable, if some beautiful women do not like this soft feeling, can also add an inner bladder to support the bag.


NIKI is like a plain looking girl with a bit of cool and stylish. The closer you get to her, the more you love her. The more time passes, the more you can see the beauty beneath it. No matter what you wear, she can add chic and unruly flavor, so love cool and chic beauty can look over! Some women even say that she can sit on the throne of the most powerful chain bag, so ladies what do you think?

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