A plastic surgery man came to “vomit”, and the doctor said, “I can’t make complaints about this pot.”

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Now we have more and more importance to the appearance, and the acceptance of the medical beauty project is also much higher. Some people do not know it well or are cheap, and the organization that they go to may be very mistaken. The following “plastic Tucao” of the plastic surgery person comes to make complaints about these entry level cosmetic projects for the large furniture and body, hoping to have a correct understanding of your cosmetic surgery.


1.Hyaluronic acid


According to her: “a blow to the nose will widen and fill the whole face will flow, such as filling the legal pattern, which will flow to your chin (it’s a long experience to hear this for the first time)…” (wrong cognition)


Let me dispel my doubts:


① Hyaluronic acid can only be used to fill mountain roots, but also use good hyaluronic acid, otherwise the nose may become wider.


② Hyaluronic acid is not suitable for large-area filling, and filling the whole face is not allowed.


③ It’s often said that hyaluronic acid filled with stria will move up. It’s the first time I’ve heard that it will flow to the Chin… Under normal circumstances, this will not happen. Due to the special location of the stria, doctors usually treat it with hyaluronic acid + botulinum toxin.


2.Botulinum toxin


plastic surgery


According to her description: “one or two thin face needles (mainly composed of botulinum toxin) are OK. In the back, you will find that your cheeks begin to sag, your legal lines begin to deepen, and your temples begin to sag. This thing will spread. Indeed, the muscles will grow back after a while, but she is uneven, and all kinds of sag and sagging problems will appear one after another…” (wrong cognition)


Let me dispel my doubts:


① Although botulinum toxin has a certain degree of dispersion, qualified products will not diffuse from masseter muscle to temple, otherwise it will not be necessary to exist( At present, there are only two kinds of qualified products, one is American and the other is domestic)


② “The muscle will grow back in a while”, because the effect of botulinum toxin is reversible and will slowly return to its original state. The botulinum toxin you hit is not a fat dissolving needle. It will not be uneven under normal circumstances. As for the problem of depression and sagging on the face, it was caused by the doctor’s non-standard operation and hit the wrong position.


3.Water light needle


“The effect is very good, but once you don’t play, the pores will begin to become thick and the skin texture will begin to be not delicate. The side effects are obvious. I couldn’t see any pores on my face, but now it’s much rougher… (dislocation cognition)


Let me dispel my doubts:


① The main component of Shuiguang needle is small molecule hyaluronic acid. It has strong water locking power, which can moisturize and improve fine and dry lines. When the skin is full of water, the pores will look smaller, and the skin is delicate and shiny.


② “Good effect after playing”? Unlikely, unless your skin foundation is very, very good. Shuiguang needle is generally injected according to the course of treatment. Generally, it will have obvious effect after a course of treatment.


③The effect of water light needle is not permanent. Just like applying a mask, can you still expect that the skin will always maintain the state of just finishing the mask? After the nutrients injected into the dermis are absorbed, your skin will naturally slowly return to the original state. It may be that there is a psychological gap before and after that that you will feel that “your skin is much rougher now”.


4.Line carving


“Line carving is epidermal anesthesia when making small lines. It really hurts when making small lines. It hurts when making large lines with anesthetics…”


Let me dispel my doubts:


Do line carving pain or not, mainly depends on personal tolerance. Some people feel “like being bitten by ants. At the beginning, they feel numb and swollen”; Some people think: “I don’t feel any pain in the whole process of line carving. I can bear it when making large lines and a little pain when making small lines”. Everyone feels a little different when doing line carving.

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