Can nasal wing shrink affect breath? How to judge whether they scar physique? Can scar constitution make double eyelid?

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The fairy who wants to turn up the nose is not good looking by simply raising the bridge of the nose. At this time, it is necessary to carry out the alar reduction surgery.


But for the alar reduction, many fairies have a big misunderstanding about it, and the question often asked is: after the alar reduction, will it not be easy to breathe? Can you affect their normal breathing? Today the plastic surgeon will explain it to you.


First of all, the answer is of course not.


Nose reduction surgery, it is through the way of surgical operation, excess nose organization resection, makes the nose after thinning, sewing narrow nostril, improve nose wide hypertrophy of defect, make the nose became more delicate and beautiful as a whole.


After nose reduction surgery, during the period of recovery, because some of the alar wound swelling and scabby, normal breathing for nose is have a certain influence.


During this time there may be some breathing disorders, for beauty is important to note that timely use of sterile swabs and other ways to clean up the nose some respiratory XieJia etc, and completes the related work of detumescence, keep breathing.


So the fairies in nose to reduce the postoperative need to pay attention to what?


After nose reduction surgery, the wound may appear some blood or transparent liquid leakage, etc., should be timely to wipe clean.


scar physique


Also pay attention to protect good nose, don’t knead a nose, avoid nose wound be pulled apart, affect nose wound recovery.


In addition, avoid spicy, seafood and other food, eat more food rich in protein nutrition, vitamin nutrition, accelerate the healing of the wound.


, of course, nose reduction surgery after recovery, nose breathing function also is able to return to normal, healthy state, and does not need to worry too much about the beauty. But in here, I want to tell you that I want to be alar reduction surgery, safeguard, does not affect the normal postoperative respiratory health, you must choose normal hospital to do surgery.


How to judge whether they scar physique? Can scar constitution make double eyelid?


Now even the older generation of people, the street to see some beautiful women, will say, “this nose how light”, “this girl’s double eyelid pull”. The most afraid of plastic surgery is not natural, scars are too obvious, many girls will ask when they come to the hospital face diagnosis, “I am scar constitution, can do XX”.


Many people have misconceptions about scar constitution


Scar constitution is not a common phenomenon. Many people think they are scar constitution when they see their wounds recover in different shades. In fact, they are not. Different shades of color are pigmentation. Pigmentation is caused by local inflammation of the wound, such as contusions, mosquito bites, etc., and the recovery process of people with the metabolic rate of the body is easy to cause the color. After the wound recovers, the color is lighter than the surrounding skin. It is not a scar constitution, but the newly grown skin is relatively white. This is not scar constitution.


How to judge scar constitution


Scar constitution of people with wounds will appear hyperplasia, the most common is the centipede shaped bulge. Hyperplasia shape is not limited to “centipede shape”, as long as there are such raised hyperplasia organisms, it is scar constitution.


Can scar constitution make double eyelid?


Can not do a full cut double eyelid. But you can do a minimally invasive three-point embedding. Minimally invasive embedding is to determine three points in the upper eyelid, the wound is very small, recovery is fast, and there is no need to remove stitches, to a great extent to avoid scars. But buried line double eyelid is only suitable for thin fat on the eyelid, the skin is not saggy people if you are scar constitution and eyelid is very swollen, it is not suitable for doing oh.

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