Can’t change your face shape? Seven types of plastic surgery to slim your face

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Everyone likes a slapping girl, but not everyone is born with it. Therefore, many women hope to thin their faces through plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at the face shape can’t change? Seven types of plastic surgery to slim your face.


1,Mandibular Angle surgery


Mandibular Angle surgery, commonly known as cheek grinding and bone cutting, is a face slimming surgery favored by women nowadays. This is best for those who are naturally square, or have a significant asymmetry in the Angle of the jaw. Although the operation is hard to avoid pain, the postoperative recovery period is difficult, but the postoperative effect is very significant, the transformation from a big face MM to a small face beauty, can also fundamentally change the resolute “abrupt” face line, reshaping the delicate and smooth facial contour. Usually the mandibular Angle incision is in the mouth, so you can’t see where the incision is.


2,Remove facial fat pads


A kind of method of fast thin face, need to move a small operation, 10 minutes can be completed. Postoperative oral antibiotics for 5 days, gargle for 5 days, ice for 3 days, stitches for 7 days, 1 to 3 months will find that the cheeks are thinner and thinner. If you have a fat, round face, especially if you are obese in the middle, or if your face is asymmetrical on both sides, it is recommended to consider using this method. But this kind of method can thin double buccal place only, cannot subtract double chin, and for the MM that the skeleton such as face of square face, country word slant big, possible effect is not so ideal.


acial liposuction


3, pull wisdom teeth thin face


“Remove both sides of the wisdom teeth, you can slim down the face.” This kind of statement lets many big face MM believe. In fact, wisdom tooth extraction to achieve the effect of thin face, must have the premise is that the muscle of the face skin is thin enough, if the muscle layer is thick, the concave effect after the tooth extraction is not visible. In addition, each person’s face is shaped by the combination of cheekbones, mandibles and teeth. After tooth extraction, the facial bones do not change their original position and shape, so the change in face shape will not have a significant impact. On top of that, if the wisdom tooth is in the wrong place, like on a nerve, there is a lot of risk in extracting the tooth.


4,Facial liposuction


If you don’t have a good facial outline, you can accumulate too much subcutaneous fat and form a double chin. Or facial skin flabby, already had slight sagging; Or double buccal too wide, bilateral asymmetry, facial liposuction is the best way to thin face. During the operation, the doctor will design and demarcate the key areas of the operation, use a unique anesthetic method, and use a special minimally invasive instrument to gently suck out the excess fat particles. Only a few days after the operation can reduce the swelling, do not worry too much about the healing of the wound, but especially remind you to find an experienced doctor, otherwise inaccurate measurement will lead to bilateral cheek asymmetry.


5,Inject your face


For the masseter muscle obvious hypertrophy, affect the appearance or bilateral round face asymmetry, trapezoidal face MM, can take the injection method to thin the face, which is very commonly used in neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery. The doctor will generally choose one to several injection points on both sides of the cheek, the injection does not need to be local massage and other special treatment, the general normal chewing movement, can let the liquid gradually spread in the muscle tissue. After a month, you can be surprised to find that your fat face has completely shrunk by one size.


6,Chin plasty


Create a slightly pointed and slightly tilted chin, can also achieve the purpose of “thin face”. As the popularity of awl face, V type face, the female jaw becomes the focus that gets attention, see little face beauty people, all have a micro long and delicate chin, because of this face gold “inverted triangle area” to “big face” transform effect is significant, just let people flock to. To become a real beauty with a small face, chin plastic surgery is a very effective method. With the help of powerful plastic surgery technology, it is no longer difficult to change a round face into a small face. It should be noted that the selection of chin implants is very important, and care must be taken to select safe and non-exclusionable materials.


7, cheekbone plastic


Facial lines are mainly composed of mandibular Angle and cheekbones. If the cheekbones are too high, the edges and angles of the face will be too clear, causing a serious and unfriendly illusion. At the same time, it will also cause a large effect of the face visually. What’s more, according to Chinese tradition, a woman with high cheekbones is not good looking and will not bring good luck to her in-laws. If the facial cheekbones are reduced and reduced, it can remove the abrupt part of the facial line that destroys the aesthetic feeling, make the face look more delicate and small, and become the Oriental’s favorite oval face beauty.

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