Cosmetic doctors share the “8” medical beauty projects: intraoperative feelings and indications. Take them away

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For those who want to do these medical beauty projects, you “found the treasure” (no exaggeration), which is the summary of my clinical experience over the years. Thank you!


1.Water light needle


During the process of playing the water light needle, some people say they can feel a slight tingling when they peck your face with the machine (obviously doing the water light with the machine); Some people feel no pain at all (maybe she is not afraid of pain); Some people scream in pain (what they may do is shine with their hands). To tell the truth, the difference is quite large, mainly related to personal tolerance, the length of anesthetic application time and the way of water light needle.


It has a good improvement on dry skin, peeling, dry lines, fine lines, dark yellow skin color and other problems.


2.Botulinum toxin


It still hurts when playing botulinum toxin. Although some will apply anesthetics, most people don’t use anesthetics. Because there are many injection points, it is normal to have a certain sense of pain. Generally, there is no discomfort after injection. The skin may be slightly red and swollen. Generally, it will return to normal after four hours.


Botulinum toxin has a wide range of uses. On the one hand, it can remove dynamic wrinkles, such as head lifting lines, crow’s feet and legal lines. On the other hand, it can thin face, shoulders and legs. It can also be added to the water light needle, which will significantly improve the oil output and thick pores in the T area.


3.Hot Maggie:


The pain of the fourth generation is stronger (really more), and the pain of the fifth generation is weaker.


“I didn’t apply anesthetic. I did it for five generations. When I hit the neck, the part below the vertical chin will be more sensitive. It’s not pain, but the feeling of hot plus current stimulation. Maybe it’s because the energy is low. In fact, it won’t be very uncomfortable. After all, it only takes a few seconds. The rest of my neck is almost insensible except for the warmth. Then there is the face. I think the position of the eyebrow peak on my forehead and the side face in front of my ears are more sensitive. It’s not like the jaw pain that others say. ”


Choose it for those with skin relaxation problems on the face, around the eyes, neck and body, especially those with less meat on the face and loose skin.


4.Ultrasonic knife:


Compared with hot Maggie, the ultrasonic knife may hurt more. For face and neck. It has a good effect on the face with more meat, loose skin, double chin, legal lines and apple muscle sagging.




medical beauty


Compared with hot Maggie, hot latti is basically painless throughout the whole process. It has good effects on skin firming, overall lifting and improvement of fat accumulation.


6.Fotona4d (Eurostar):


The whole process only felt warm, almost no pain.


Fotona4d has four modes, so it can achieve four effects:


① It has a certain tightening effect on eye circumference, legal pattern and puppet pattern;


② It can improve the uneven and dark yellow complexion of the face;


③ It directly acts on the superficial fat layer and subcutaneous fat, dissolves the excess fat, achieves a good tightening and lifting effect, and improves the problem of unclear facial contour;


④ Improve the problems of rough skin, large pores, dry lines and fine lines.


7.Line carving:


Some people say that when making line carving, it is like being “bitten by ants”. If you are afraid of pain, you can consider applying anesthetic + local anesthesia. The most painful time is after the operation. Some people dare not touch their whole face or open their mouth on the first day after the operation, not to mention eating. They can’t sleep in pain. It’s still painful to eat painkillers (everyone’s feelings may be different)! Fortunately, its recovery period is about a week.


It has good effects on improving facial skin relaxation, contour shaping and wrinkle removal.


8.Large and small laps:


Doing skin pulling operation will not hurt more than other operations. Some people say they haven’t done line carving yet (tell me the truth).


When other anti-aging methods are useless, you can consider large skin pulling or small skin pulling. It mainly aims at the problem of facial skin sagging, such as fullness of Apple muscle and improvement of legal lines.


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