Do Olympians change their heads? Look at this medical beauty science

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The Olympic Games in full swing, we have been concerned about the athletes to win the gold medal, a sudden change of the hot search chong list!


Tian Zhixi before and after plastic surgery. ▼


medical beauty


Who is Tian Zhixi? Is a native of Langfang, Hebei province, China’s table tennis competitiveness is too big to naturalize the South Korean players. After she became a Korean citizen, she changed her head. Click on the comparison chart, and I’m really surprised.


These are video screenshots from the game, and the contrast is obvious. The little sister’s previous problems of facial flabby and skin collapse around the eyes have been significantly improved, and her appearance level has been improved by more than one step. She also freely admits to doing a series of medical beauty projects, and seriously replies to netizens on her own micro blog about this knowledge, many netizens have advised her to become a beauty blogger.


Since everyone is so interested in medical beauty, so today I will specially write a popular science article to tell you about the dry goods from choosing a hospital to specific projects!


How to choose a hospital


Beautify epidermal medical beauty project:


Photon skin rejuvenation, water light needle, (super) picosecond, gold microneedle, dot matrix laser, LED red and blue light.


How to choose a hospital: in recent years, a lot of medical beauty has been exposed on the Internet, so before doing medical beauty, we must understand the relevant information, choose a third-class hospital or formal beauty institutions.


Is that hairdressing agency formal, how should screen?


First of all, you need to know whether the institution has the “Medical Institution practice License”, business license and other qualifications. The hospital that can check, cosmetology orgnization, can assure reliable from attestation. Can not be checked, it is not regular! At least not yet. Second, look at the details to see if the hospital has a cosmetic surgery program. If so, it means the organization can do cosmetic surgery.


Many items can be carried out only when anesthesia is required. The following two points need to be noted about anesthesia:


1,If anesthesia is needed, be sure to check whether the hospital has anesthesia qualification; If you don’t and tell the anesthesiologist is a temporary doctor hired from outside and the source of anesthetic drugs is unknown, please leave without looking back. The nature of this situation is bad, compared with such beauty institutions, such as the accident, revoked medical qualifications, we still give priority to life!


2,This institution has the qualification of anaesthesia, and it is ok to hire professional doctors from outside for anaesthesia. It should be noted, however, that each anesthesiologist performs only one operation, and one nurse is also required. The fairies who need to do a general anesthetic medicine must pay attention to whether the hospital has an anesthesiology department, if not, it is illegal to conduct general anesthesia. For the external professional doctors (qualified), also need to be registered and put on record in the agency. It is also a necessary step to inquire whether the doctor has a doctor’s qualification certificate and practicing certificate. Finally, to understand whether the medical equipment of the project is normal, you can first search online for the equipment you want to do the project, what brand is better, and then go to hospitals and institutions to confirm by scanning the code or checking the official website of the instrument.


Classification of medical beauty


Medical beauty items on the market are complex, but medical beauty is often classified into two categories: surgical and non-surgical.


The effect of some projects is unclear and controversial. In order to facilitate your better understanding, if sister today will give you the popular science of the project is divided into: beautify the skin class and deep pull class.


Beautify the epidermis: improve the surface layer of the skin by means of medical beauty, such as reducing pores, quickly replenishing water, removing spots and whitening.


Deep anti-aging: it can be applied to the deep skin by means of beauty treatment to achieve anti-aging effect, such as tightening the skin, removing wrinkles and anti-sagging.


Popular items in these two categories include:


Popular medical beauty program popular science


Photon rejuvenation, also known as strong pulse phototherapy (IPL), is a non-stripping dynamic therapy, is one of the few non-invasive treatment of photoaging technology. It works by directly illuminating the skin with a specific wide color light, which passes through the epidermis and stimulates collagen regeneration under the skin. After finishing, it will not break the skin, no pain, no need to recover, no need to worry about affecting daily life, medical beauty small white entry can try ~ photon skin rejuvenation effect is more comprehensive: brightening and whitening, shrink pores, dispel acne marks, dispel spots, remove red blood, hair…. Doctors will adjust the wavelength according to different conditions of the face to achieve targeted treatment. If the skin belongs to multiple problems, want to solve together, more suitable for this project.


There are many types of instruments on the market. The more common OPT and DPL are equivalent to the upgraded version of IPL, but their energy is more stable than IPL, and they are more effective and safe to use. The main brand of OPT is American medical people, and it has been updated to the sixth generation. Four generations are common in the market: Kingship, five generations: M22 Heart of Kings, and six generations: Crown of Kings. The classic DPL is the Brilliant 360 from Feighton. Of course, newer gadgets are better, but they can also cost a lot more. Fairies can choose gadgets based on their own pockets and doctor’s advice.


Photon rejuvenation although comprehensive function, but only do once is not enough, generally want to achieve the effect needs more than a course of treatment (3~5 times/course of treatment). So when considering your budget, please first estimate the number of times you expect to do it, multiply it, figure out the overall price, and then think about it. In addition, although the photon skin is relatively painless and non-invasive, it may have an instant feeling of red heat after finishing, which is a normal phenomenon and will fade in a few hours. Pay attention to sunscreen within one week after doing, please use pure physical sunscreen for sensitive skin, or wear an umbrella or a hat. Postoperative short – term also cannot use grind arenaceous cream, exfoliate frost and contain fruit acid or A acid product, prevent occurrence sensitive.


Water-light needle is the first popular medical beauty project, belonging to the injection class, but the technology has been quite mature. It is injected with small molecular hyaluronic acid and other nutrients into the dermis through a water-light injection instrument, and has the functions of repairing skin barrier, improving redness, moisturizing and removing acne marks. Injection forms are divided into two types: hand and machine. The advantage of hand beating is that it can take good care of each part, and the residual nutrient solution is less after injection. The disadvantage is that the sense of pain is stronger than the machine, very test of doctor’s technology. The advantage of the machine is that the operation time is short and convenient, weak pain. The disadvantage is that the residual nutrient solution is more, relative waste, after all, the nutrient solution is money to buy!


The key of water-light needle lies in the composition of nutrient solution. Different components have different effects:


Hyaluronic acid: Quick and deep hydrating


Kinetin (amino acid) : further improve skin and skin tone, anti-aging


Polycharge (active ingredient) : improves dull complexion, brightening complexion, antioxidant


Collagen: mainly replenish skin collagen and elastic fiber, anti-wrinkle and anti-collapse


PDRN (salmon needle) : promote the regeneration of skin cells, anti-aging, improve skin inflammation and sensitivity


The effect time of water light needle is fast, the effect can be seen in 3-7 days, the number of times of stacking effect will be more and more obvious, generally 3-5 times of the cycle is stable. But water injection needle is a wound, bleeding surgery, so postoperative care is very important! Do not touch water on the day after surgery. Wash your face with clean water and use medical spray or facial mask for nursing on the second day. Apply at least one facial mask every day for a week after surgery to enhance hydration. In particular, after injection, the skin barrier is slightly damaged in the short term. If you do not do a good job of facial mask hydrating and physical sunscreen, the skin will be damaged. To return! Black!


Picosecond is actually the name of a special laser technology, through which the laser breaks the pigmentation of the epidermis, stimulates the regeneration of collagen, and can achieve the effect of removing stains, reducing pores and improving fine lines.


The difference between a picosecond and a picosecond is the word “super.” Ultra picosecond can achieve the shortest duration of laser emission, without damaging the surrounding intact skin at the same time, to achieve good results. The benefit of hyperpicoseconds is not that they are better than the final effect of picoseconds, but that they are much less irritating to the skin after treatment. So afraid of scab, scab off this process of the fairy can consider super picoseconds, of course, the price will be higher than picoseconds.


There are many (super) Picosecond devices on the market today, but there are two stars that stand out: The first is Xeno’s Picosure, which is the first picosecond device to be approved! The second instrument is The Picoway from Senoron, which is designed for superpicoseconds. Instruments from other companies have their own features, but these two are the best known.


(ultra) picosecond has a slight sense of pain, several courses of treatment (generally at least 3 times) to be able to maintain the long-term effect. But for the skin color has been relatively dark, severe pigmentation of whitening difficulties, and face spots, blain imprint of the fairy is very friendly. Picosecond postoperative scab, this is a natural phenomenon, do not old to touch the face, scab will generally fall off after 3-7 days. If you pick, or use an exfoliator to scab, you may end up with an uneven complexion! 28 days of skin renewal cycle, it is best not to make up, pay attention to the use of medical beauty mask water repair. Superpicosecond does not scab, but like picosecond, need to strengthen postoperative sunscreen, otherwise the deposition of pigment just discharged, the skin vulnerable stage and uv damage, will affect the effect of surgery.

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