How old is Geratie? How long does hot pull do blush?

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Geratte is suitable for all skin types, people over the age of 20 to 30, 40 years old to do it, but it is not recommended for younger and older beauty lovers to do geratte, younger is not necessary to do it, older do not have any beauty effect. The proper age for gerati is between 25 and 60, whether it’s for maintenance (to stay young) or for fighting aging (to have symptoms of aging). As a new generation of anti-wrinkle artifact, gerati has helped many beauty lovers to solve the trouble of skin wrinkles, and created a firm, smooth and elastic skin, which is deeply loved by beauty lovers.


How long does hot pull do blush?


The advanced “focused radio frequency” energy is accurately penetrated to the dermis and the FAScia layer of SMAS, which can only be reached by traditional skin lift, instantly generating a high temperature of 60-65 degrees. The thermal stimulation generated by thermal rati can cause three stages of fascial layer cells: 1. Thermal damage; 2. 2, gather their own energy repair; 3. Generate new cells.


After these three stages of cell repair, a large amount of ACme-tea is generated in the body, which makes the tightened skin stable on the fascia collagen scaffold and repositioning, and generates collagen which is gradually combined into orderly collagen, so as to really stimulate the regeneration of cells and the repair of fascia, and achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin.


After finishing the heat lifting, there will be red marks on the skin surface similar to those after scraping. The skin quality of each person is different, and the degree of sand is different. Generally, it will dissipate in 3-5 days.


The efficacy of geratia


Advanced rf “” focus on energy, precise penetrate to the dermis and past traditional lift to get to the SMAS fascia layer, the collagen, fiber mediastinal produce immediate contraction and stimulate collagen a large number of new and restructuring, build new collagen fibres,” by the deep shallow “three-dimensional improve skin support structure, One adjustment can be “skin tightening + lifting + wrinkle” stereoscopic anti-aging effect.


The whole layer of fascia was heated up to 60℃~65℃ for collagen regeneration. Remember oh, this temperature is just right, low hi can not rise, high water will lose too much, the effect is not good.


Scientific operation can ensure the curative effect, avoid irreversible tissue necrosis and damage.


Important: If you are over the age of 30, reserve a large amount of acme-tea subcutaneously before, during, and after surgery to prevent new cell generation failure. After 30 years of age, elasprotein begins to disintegrate rapidly, and collagen is also rapidly lost. High-temperature thermal lifting can damage subcutaneous hyaluronic acid, so coupled with operation damage, the three core components are disintegrating. Without the intake of targeted nutrients, damaged cells are difficult to regenerate. Do cell base nutrition reserve first only, cell regeneration ability is strong just is the beginning of hairdressing. We should not blindly seek for beauty. It is very common for older women to fail to regenerate damaged cells after ultrasound scalping, and there will be postoperative skin cell regeneration failure, atrophic injury…


It’s important to pay attention to these details after geratra




1.All aspects of physical examination should be done before surgery to ensure the effect of heat and no allergic reaction afterwards.


2.Swelling will appear after hot lifting, which is a normal phenomenon. It will generally subside after three days and completely disappear within two weeks.


3.Do not wash your face with hot water higher than the body temperature within a week after surgery. It is recommended that the mask be used no more than two times a week.


4.1-6 months before line carving, acme-tea should be supplied subcutaneously, and the dosage should be based on the skin repair situation. In order to make the “callus response” in time after the operation for each layer of the skin through which the ultrasonic wave passes, it is very important to repair from the skin surface to the fascia layer, avoid the side effects of thermal lifting and achieve the effect of thermal lifting.


5.Do not go to hot sauna, yoga and other high temperature environment within 1 month after surgery, and do not expose to the sun. Try not to go out in the hot weather, go out to pay attention to sun protection, avoid exposure;


6.a month do not eat soy sauce and other heavy pigment, do not drink, eat chili.


7.Avoid oral administration of simple collagen before and after surgery, especially when self-collagen has been stimulated after ultrasound scalpel, additional supplementation of simple collagen leads to collagen mutation, greater folding risk and a series of side effects of ultrasound scalpel.


What about gerati’s beauty results?


1.Firming and rejuvenation — To solve “relaxation”


The process of skin relaxation is the loss of collagen. Thermal rati Thermal energy acts on the mesoderm, causing the superficial collagen fibers to contract immediately and tighten the skin. At the same time, fibroblasts in the deep dermis are stimulated to continuously release collagen, and new collagen is continuously synthesized, so that the damaged collagen layer can be supplemented and rebuilt to achieve the goal of lasting firming.


2.Lift Q — Solve “droop”


SMAS layer is the root of sagging and aging of facial skin. Thermal thermal effect can accurately apply energy to the fascia layer (SMAS). The thermal effect promotes the continuous regeneration of elastic collagen and the construction of a new elastic fiber network.


Is it ok to do the hot pull only once?


Hot, success is not a desired, usually after adjusting for the first time, can feel the skin tightened, this is effective immediately, probably also maintain a week or so, so hot, need to consolidate the second and third adjustment effect, after completing an adjustment period of treatment, hot things, results will slowly, according to the normal rate of natural aging, Can maintain commonly 1-2 years, but also be affected by individual living habit, stay up late every day, smoke, drink, insolate can bring about senescence inevitably to accelerate, do not pay attention to maintain, often make his skin, do not say medical beauty, immortal also cannot save.


How long will geratia last?


After the completion of the thermal, in every 24 hours, the beauty seekers can feel a different surprise, the feelings and changes are different every moment. After finishing hot pull, can continuously smooth the delicate on the face, facial skin is promoted to a height, the skin is more elastic and lasting, so that the whole face is tight and delicate effect can normally maintain for about 3 years. Although the heat lift function, when the high energy sound wave reaches the dermis and the temperature of the dermis reaches 65-70 degrees Celsius, the collagen mother (fibroblasts) is highly likely to be injured or even die. No matter how finely tuned you are, you can’t heat the collagen without heating the mother cell. So, it’s heat damage to other tissues. In all cases, acme-tea production should be supplied before and after operation to provide nutrients and growth factors needed for epithelial production, and quickly and intensively repair the skin tissue damaged by heat. In this way, the cells can have sufficient nutrition to grow, and at the same time, it needs sufficient time, so it is not recommended to do it continuously. Make sure to do it after the damage repair, at an interval of more than one year, except for different low-power instruments.


CREWHO (Cell Repair Elements) studies show that: Cells after the change, may appear cell necrosis, cell damaged let them lose their instinct, and not in normal function, who called for repair of skin lesions and the formation of new cells, using means of biomedical non-drug, need through the acme – tea generated too fast and intensive repair damaged cells, quick help cells complete stress reaction, To repair micro-repair and other damaged cells, mutated cells, atrophic cells, and repair to stimulate tissue regeneration, intensive repair, increase the density of elastic fiber, improve the density of intercellular.


In the screen on the stage, stars are always star shining, not old myth like enjoying the beauty of youth, is there any immortal preservative, you can let their appearance not old?


In fact, time is fair to everyone, you see the good skin, behind the day after day to adhere to nursing. When you are still suffering from your own aging, and think it is good to let nature take its course, many people are resisting the erosion of time through various anti-aging technology, to become a frozen beauty. The oral administration of simple collagen should be avoided before and after the operation of geratine, especially when the self collagen has been stimulated after the ultrasound scalpel, the additional supplementation of simple collagen will lead to collagen mutation, and the folding risk will be greater, resulting in a series of side effects of the ultrasound scalpel.

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