Hyaluronic acid lip

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Hyaluronic acid lip augmentation is a cosmetic method to achieve the effect of lip augmentation by injecting hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is used to fill the lip. Hyaluronic acid material is injected into the lip by injection, and the concave lip is supported by increasing the volume of subcutaneous tissue, so as to achieve the effect of lip enrichment.


Taboo population


1,People with locally inflamed or infected skin


2,People with allergic constitution


3,Pregnant women


4,A minor


5,Lactating women


Side effects: temporary slight redness, swelling and itching may occur. These side effects are mainly caused by not grasping the injection level. However, if regular medical institutions are selected for treatment, these side effects can be basically avoided.


Operation notes:


Postoperative attention


Hyaluronic acid lip


1,One week after lip filling, try not to touch the lips when eating, so as to avoid accelerating the loss of hyaluronic acid due to eating too cold or overheated food;


2,Don’t worry too much after the operation. A happy mood is very beneficial to rapid recovery;


3,Avoid taking aspirin or other similar drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis within one week after lip augmentation, and do not exercise violently for a short time;


4,After lip augmentation, continue to adhere to the general basic maintenance procedures, and do not massage at the treatment site.


5,Take some liquid food appropriately according to the doctor’s advice within 14 days after operation, and avoid taking hard food;


6,Do not make exaggerated lip movements after operation, such as laughter;


7,People with smoking habits must ban smoking before the wound recovers, which is not conducive to the recovery of the wound;


8,Never apply ice or hot compress on the lip area where hyaluronic acid is injected;


9,Within 24 hours after lip augmentation, in order to fix the shape, avoid contacting the hyaluronic acid injection area;


10,Avoid taking a sauna one week after lip filling.


Preoperative attention


1,Oral or injection of antibiotics three days before lip augmentation surgery to prevent infection;


2,Three days before lip augmentation surgery, avoid spicy and irritating food. In addition, do not eat peanuts, melon seeds, seafood and other foods, and avoid food throughout the whole process of lip augmentation surgery until the wound is completely healed;


3,Menstruation can not be abundant lips, one week after menstruation is appropriate;


4,No anticoagulant drugs and aspirin were forbidden for half a month before operation;


5,There was no local infection at the operation site;


6,Take a bath before operation to keep clean.

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