Interpretation of micro plastic surgery in an exclusive interview with instant beauty in 30 minutes

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1、 Dispelling doubts about “micro shaping”


q: We often see micro plastic ads. what is “micro plastic”?


a: “Minimally invasive plastic surgery” is also called “micro plastic surgery”, which is very different from traditional plastic surgery. In the past, plastic surgery was mostly through surgery, but now it is mostly through non-surgical means, such as injection; Or small incision surgery, which belong to the scope of minimally invasive plastic surgery.


q: What are the most common items of micro shaping? Which items are most popular with consumers?


There are many micro plastic surgery projects, such as small incision opening, botulinum toxin injection, injection filling, such as nose augmentation, chin augmentation, and facial contour shaping, which belong to micro plastic surgery. From our point of view, the more popular items are injection wrinkle removal, thin masseter muscle, injection rhinoplasty, double eyelid and laser beauty, etc.


q: These injection materials are implanted into the human body. How safe are they?


a: These plastic materials have been put into clinical use abroad for many years, and their safety is still very high. Moreover, imported materials such as aibeifu and Botox (baotuoshi) have very strict control over their products. There is a special team to evaluate and train the qualifications of hospitals and doctors, so the product quality can be guaranteed. However, whether botulinum toxin or injection filler, we must choose approved products and qualified doctors. In addition, we also need to strictly investigate some contraindications to ensure safety.


q: In terms of effect, what are the advantages of micro plastic surgery compared with surgical plastic surgery?


a: Compared with surgical plastic surgery, the effect of micro plastic surgery is more natural. Take augmentation rhinoplasty for example. Although prosthetic augmentation rhinoplasty can also be done very well, it is difficult to make nasal profile; And some people’s skin is thin, and if the doctor doesn’t do well, the contour of the prosthesis will be more obvious. But the injection method will be very natural, and even the nasal column and tip can be well shaped.


micro shaping


q: Although micro shaping has various advantages, it is said to be maintained for a short time. Can micro shaping only have a short-term effect?


a: The timeliness of micro plastic surgery mainly depends on the items you do. Take injection wrinkle removal for example. If botulinum toxin wrinkle removal is applied, the maintenance time is relatively short, generally 4 ~ 6 months. If it is injection filling, such as filling lacrimal groove and apple muscle, it depends on the material selected. Generally, hyaluronic acid can last for 6 ~ 12 months; If you choose Evian, it can last for 5 ~ 10 years or more; If you choose aibeifu, you can achieve long-term plastic effect. In other words, these items can achieve long-term results in injection filling, but the price of good materials is often very high.


2、 They love micro plastic surgery best


q: Many stars have received micro plastic surgery, but do ordinary people do more micro plastic surgery? Which group is the main consumer group of micro plastic surgery?


a: Because the pain of micro plastic surgery is small, it does not need a long recovery period, and the effect is more natural. Compared with surgical plastic surgery, it has obvious advantages that people who are really willing to plastic surgery can basically accept this way. There are women from their twenties to their fifties who come for micro plastic surgery, but the most active and active are still in their thirties. They not only have an urgent need for plastic surgery, but also have a certain economic foundation to support the cost of plastic surgery. Therefore, they are the main group of micro plastic surgery.


q: Is there anyone who blindly wants to have plastic surgery according to the “star face”? What are your suggestions for these irrational customers?


a: There are many such situations. Often, people who come with photos have very high expectations, and even some people’s expectations are regardless of their own conditions. In this case, we need to communicate with her slowly, formulate the most feasible method according to her actual situation, guide them with the correct aesthetic concept in line with the times, and let them rationally choose the most suitable plastic surgery scheme.


q: Is micro plastic seasonal? Are all people suitable for micro plastic surgery?


a: Micro plastic surgery is not seasonal, because the trauma is too small, so the weather has no effect on micro plastic surgery. There are no strict contraindications for micro plastic surgery, and the probability of allergy to injection filling materials is very small, but we will ask carefully before injection.


3、 Pay attention to selecting micro shaping


q: At present, there are many plastic surgery hospitals, and the scale of some plastic surgery hospitals is also very large. What is the overall level of these hospitals?


a: At present, the overall level of some large-scale plastic surgery hospitals is still relatively high, because there are many plastic surgery people in China, so doctors have a lot of opportunities for practical operation and rich experience.


q: Hospitals and doctors play a vital role in the success or failure of plastic surgery, so how do we choose reassuring hospitals and doctors?


First of all, we should choose a regular and large-scale plastic surgery hospital; Secondly, qualified and experienced doctors should be selected to ensure the safety of operation; Finally, we should choose formal and state approved plastic materials. Do not go to some unqualified beauty salons for face slimming needles or wrinkle removal needles in order to be cheap. It can not guarantee the regularity of the products, let alone whether the doctors operate correctly. The risk is very high.

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