It is necessary to go to the beauty salon for a treatment

nikisho Date:2021-08-04 15:55:40
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She has been out of work for 9 months and has only been to a beauty salon once even though she has an annual pass. Do not go out too at home, save the money of sunscreen, beauty cream, lipstick and eyebrow painting, the skin is much more delicate than in the past, but recently found that because of long-term facial care muscle is a little flabby, this can not be good! I still feel a little sick. Decided to do a nursing, do leg scraping scraping pull a can to do a facial massage. It was fine yesterday and I decided to go to the beauty salon for a whole body care. I find that all walks of life are constantly improving, and even beauty salon care has changed a bit.


Because my this face did not nurse for a long time especially dry, hairdressing young lady used several times protect wet massage water to be sucked by my dry skin, after finishing, the face just moisten had luster. After using the massage machine several times, my face muscles felt tight. When massaging my back and legs, the massage oil was applied according to the routine, and soon I felt dry and painful so that I wailed and had to increase the amount of oil. The cost of the physical care to people is a little high, ha ha!


beauty salon


This time, the legs and back massage felt a little different from the past, adding acupressure. The beauty lady also pressed several acupoints on my legs and back, which I didn’t have before. Feet also gave me a massage for a while, press a position particularly painful, she said that is the gallbladder meridian. Also be oh, often a bit uncomfortable below right rib recently, estimate is liver gallbladder damp heat to cause. When you massage your back, your nose will ventilate quickly.


My stomach was also massaged for a while. I massaged my stomach clockwise and counterclockwise. I also pressed several acupuncture points, which I did not have in the past. I was constipated for a few days, and the next day I got over it. This period of time appetite is not very good, the stomach did not finish hungry cooing.


Long time did not do physical care, feel like torture, very painful! I grind my teeth to get good results. When I think about the force and reaction of physics, I have to work as hard as she massages me. Exhausted after the nursing, I staggered home without the strength to cook.


I hadn’t slept well for several days, but I slept soundly that night. Get up the next day all over comfortable, be the skin is pressed to be painful, belly also is. This is fine. The pain will go away in a few days. My right rib is no longer uncomfortable and very comfortable, do a body care really good. Old can’t do the body frequently, but the face can do once a week, anyway, bought is the year card do not do white do not do, but I do not like to go out, half a month to do once, to avoid face muscle too flabby.


Sisters, still have to be good to yourself! Buy appropriate year card according to oneself economic circumstance, my year card still is less than 2 thousand yuan, the beauty parlor that this is to serve for me is like me this kind of consumer makes specially, 2 months of old do it is ok. In fact, many major diseases are caused by usually do not pay attention to maintenance, pain is not, the general rule is not pain, scraping cupping dredge meridians, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is very reasonable.


I have seen the video of a doctor on the headline, he said that inflammation can not be eliminated for a long time, and it is easy to make people get cancer, which makes sense. I do not agree to eat what health care products, as long as usually eat good and drink good nutrition, take time to do body care, improve their own immunity can resist a lot of small hair and minor diseases, at least can reduce the probability of accumulation into major diseases.

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