Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal is the use of laser can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, the effect on different parts of the depth of hair follicles, to effectively remove any part of the depth of hair. Laser hair removal is the most safe, fast and long-term hair removal technology, no side effects on the human body, almost no impact on the skin. How much laser hair removal can not be generalized, it is affected by instruments, doctors’ skills, hair thickness, hospital level and other aspects, comprehensive strength of the hospital, the price of hair removal is reasonable.


What is laser hair removal?


How to do more hair? With pull too painful, tear too stimulation with adhesive cloth, what method can purify hair? Many beautiful women will choose laser hair removal! What is laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal is the use of the latest laser technology hair removal. The beam of light emitted by laser machine will penetrate the skin surface layer to be absorbed by the hair follicle eventually, through the selective absorption of laser energy, so that the hair follicle is destroyed, can not grow hair again, while not damaging the surrounding tissues. The process of laser hair removal is simple and quick, and generally does not leave scars after treatment.


But it should be noted that laser hair removal is most suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair, and the treatment scope is locked in the “dark pigment”. If your skin color is dark, laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause white or black spots, after which it often takes several months to gradually recover. It is suggested to choose a doctor with rich experience in laser operation before laser hair removal, and to maintain carefully and strictly prevent sun damage after surgery.


laser depilation


Is laser depilation painful?


Is laser depilation painful? Can do! Laser hair removal is not 100 percent painless, it can have a slight tingling sensation, but it is within the acceptable range.


Laser hair removal is the use of laser damage to the principle of hair follicles for hair removal, will not damage the skin, blood vessels and nerves, so generally speaking, laser hair removal is not very painful. But there are still a lot of sensory nerves near the hair follicle. When the hair follicle absorbs the laser, it is inevitable to feel some pain, but it also shows that the treatment is effective and normal. If there is no pain, it proves that the treatment is wrong and can not achieve the desired hair removal effect.


Does laser depilate have side effect?


Can laser depilate have side effect? Many beauties are worried that although laser hair removal is a small operation, it is inevitable to have side effects. Some people will leave dark spots or skin redness after the operation, which often takes several months to recover gradually.


If there is obvious redness, the skin may become very fragile, do not apply makeup, do not rub the surgical area, can be appropriate cold compress. After laser depilation, some parts may form small scab shell. Be careful not to scratch with your hands.


It should be noted that, do not use excitant skin care, cosmetics within 24 hours after laser hair removal, it is recommended to use only cold water or cold water to clean the face. Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 3 weeks after laser hair removal and throughout the treatment.


Is the cost of laser depilation expensive?


Is the cost of laser depilation expensive? Laser hair removal price is not very expensive, according to your body parts. Different hospitals, equipment, prices will also fluctuate.


Sensitive parts of laser hair removal, to worry about the safety of the patient, so in this kind of laser hair removal surgery especially careful, corresponding, laser hair removal price is relatively high. Like the vaginal laser hair removal surgery, the laser hair removal price is generally more expensive than other parts of the laser hair removal. The laser hair removal price of bilateral armpit hair is several thousand yuan or so, the laser hair removal price of double thigh is slightly expensive, the laser hair removal price of double calf is cheaper than double thigh. The larger the area of laser hair removal, the longer the time needed, so the corresponding laser hair removal price will be a little more expensive.


Matters needing attention after laser hair removal?


Finished laser depilation operation, do not think can unbridle expose flesh bask in big sun! Some of the matters needing attention after surgery or beauty to understand! So what should we pay attention to after laser hair removal?


1, when taking a bath, avoid splashing hot water on the treatment area. Warm water should be used.


2, do not use sauna, steam bath.


3 to avoid infection, do not go to the pool or beach swimming.


4, do not wear tight clothes or stockings to keep the treatment area dry and breathable.


5, don’t drink.


6, avoid sun exposure and other ultraviolet radiation, after treatment should also choose sunscreen.

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