The actual ultrasound knife, in the end is not worth it?

nikisho Date:2021-09-27 09:52:39
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This month I went to experience the ultrasound knife, in fact, this ultrasound knife I did together with Thermage, why do I say ultrasound knife together with Thermage? The reason is that the ultrasonic knife for our facial level is relatively deep, it can reach 4.5 mm below the fascial layer, so for the deep facial lifting is a better effect.


As for Thermage, it mainly targets the dermis layer of about 3mm and the fat layer, which has a better effect. It is more suitable for some girls who have more obvious flesh on their face and can give a tightening effect to the fat. The actual fact is that you should choose the ultrasonic knife if you want to fight against aging, and you can choose the Thermage if you want to tighten it, so I chose to use the Thermage and ultrasonic knife synergy treatment to lift and tighten my face.


ltrasound knife


The effect of the ultrasonic knife is how? Personally, I feel it is very good! The ultrasonic knife is directly on our neck membrane layer, so the lifting effect is particularly improved. The overall operation is not as painful as you might think. The more you go to places where there is a lot of bone and little meat, such as the jawline and cheekbones, the more painful it is. But the cheeks are not painful, and generally speaking, it is within the acceptable range. It may be that I am more resistant to tossing and turning and not so afraid of pain, hahaha.


It’s still quite cost effective and I personally think it’s better than Thermage. In short, once a woman is over 25 years old, she should put the matter of anti-aging on the agenda ~ and do not think that twenty years old is still young, it does not matter, this is not true. The beauty industry circle popular saying, you are so young to do so many projects, see when you are old how to do? The answer is, I started so early maintenance of course is not old ~ hahaha, joking!

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