These items are microplastic surgery, non-medical institutions are not allowed to carry out!

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The biggest difference between micropigmentation and plastic surgery is that there is no need to go under the knife, which has the advantages of safety, speed, effectiveness, convenience, etc. It may only take you a lunch break to complete, which is perfect for busy city people.


1, what is microplastic surgery?


Microplasty, as the name implies, is a slight adjustment. The use of high-tech medical technology, no incision, a short time to become beautiful and young characteristics, by many lovers of beauty. Microplasty has the advantages of safety, no wounds, and a short recovery period, which can usher in a new change in a relatively short period of time.


The most important feature of microplastic surgery is that it is non-surgical, minimally invasive or non-invasive, with little risk, short recovery period, and no need to worry about scarring after surgery. For example, the injectable plastic surgery body, just like a shot, the needle hole is small and painless. And the whole process only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Because of the short time, many projects are known as “lunch break plastic surgery”, can be carried out during the lunch break on weekdays, after the completion of work as usual, meet customers, very suitable for those busy people.


2, microcosm includes what projects?


(1) Botox wrinkle removal and face slimming


Botulinum toxin, known as botulinum toxin type A, can block the “information transmission” between the nerves and muscles, so that the over-contracted muscles relax and stretch, and wrinkles will disappear. After Botox injection, it does not affect work and life, and has a “zero recovery period”.


(2) Filler injection


It is reversible and safe, and is generally used for filling wrinkles, nose job, chin augmentation, etc.


(3) Autologous fat transplantation


It is suitable for people with sunken cheeks, temporal area and upper lid. This micropigmentation method requires no incision and has a short swelling period.


(4) Laser treatment


Advanced laser equipment can stimulate collagen renewal and remodeling to achieve skin tightening, wrinkle removal, whitening, deep cleansing, spot removal, scar removal, and other effects.


3, the effect is permanent?


Unlike surgical plastic surgery, which is a one-time decision, beautiful transformation, lifelong enjoyment, the effect of microplastic surgery is limited and will not change much, and most of them are short-term effects. Take the popular hyaluronic acid as an example, it will generally “go back to its original shape” in about six months and needs to be injected again. In order to achieve the desired effect, some micropigmentation projects, such as laser skin rejuvenation, spot removal and hair removal, require multiple treatments in a course of treatment.


However, although microcosm is a non-permanent treatment, but the choice is convenient, and does not require surgery, and can quickly modify the shortcomings, has become the first choice of more and more women who love beauty, in addition, even if the post-operative effect is not satisfied, after a period of time can still return to the original, as opposed to the risk of permanent stereotypes caused by the failure of traditional surgery, microcosm surgery can provide a safer guarantee for beauty.


4, everyone is suitable for microplastic surgery?


No. The person who is highly sensitive to light waves, is taking photosensitive drugs, has a personal or family history of skin cancer, has allergies, skin is seriously sensitive to inflammation, is taking such as antibiotics, aspirin or other antipyretic and analgesic drugs, has been pregnant women and other people are not suitable for optical micropigmentation.


5, people of different ages can choose the same micropigmentation program?


Micropigmentation has a wide range of applications, but the most commonly used part is the face, and the most significant results. For face lift, nose job, skin rejuvenation, blemish removal, remove Kawasaki lines, eliminate wrinkles, reduce pores and many other projects, people of different ages should choose the right project for themselves.


6, I’m getting married, I really want to make myself more beautiful, can do microplasty?


Micropigmentation has become more and more an essential project for the bride to prepare for the wedding, the bride-to-be for the event of a lifetime, in addition to the usual maintenance courses, more people choose to micropigmentation, hoping that they can become the most beautiful bride on the wedding day. Because “once in a lifetime”, usually family members or fiancées will accept and support the bride-to-be’s beauty seeking action.


7,Are there any considerations?


First of all, you should clarify the problem you want to improve and consult the time needed to complete the treatment. For example, hair removal treatment requires more than 4 times to achieve lasting results. It is also important to understand some of the treatments for your own skin problems, the general treatment time, possible reactions during the treatment, the process and the results, so that it is easier to communicate with your doctor when you visit him/her.


Avoid various microplastic surgery project fights


1, how long after the facial slimming needle / wrinkle injection can be laser cosmetic?


Face slimming needle or wrinkle needle is essentially a botulinum toxin injection (BOTOX, Henley). The amount, level, and diffusion range of Botox injection should be accurate in order to achieve good results. Therefore, face slimming needle, wrinkle needle injection can not be immediately after the laser beauty, generally require 2 weeks after injection before the laser beauty, although Botox 4 days to complete the task delivery.


2, after doing laser cosmetic can be slimming injection / wrinkle removal injection?


The general situation of laser cosmetic (such as photon, radio frequency) after the cold compress to let the epidermis temperature stability is possible to carry out injections. However, some lasers may form scabs (e.g. fractional CO2 laser, plasma plasma, pixel laser) and some lasers may bleed (e.g. Q-switched laser for certain pigmentation), so these lasers are not suitable for injections. After the scabs fall off, you can inject.


3、Can I have laser beauty treatment after hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) injection?


The level of hyaluronic acid injection is mainly in the deep dermis, subcutaneous or even deeper, so from this perspective most laser cosmetic treatments (such as photorejuvenation, laser skin purification) have no effect on hyaluronic acid. However, radio frequency, ultrasound and fractional CO2 laser should be avoided within 2 months due to their deep action (specific analysis by doctors is also needed), otherwise the metabolism of hyaluronic acid will be accelerated and waste will be produced.


4、Can I inject hyaluronic acid immediately after laser cosmetic treatment?


This is the same as the second article, but we should consider the interval between laser cosmetic treatment and hyaluronic acid stabilization time.


 microplastic surgery


5、Can Botox and hyaluronic acid be injected at the same time?


Yes, they can be injected at the same time, but hyaluronic acid should be injected first and then botulinum toxin, not in reverse, because hyaluronic acid often needs to be massaged after injection, while botulinum toxin prohibits massage.


6、Can photorejuvenation, RF and ultrasonic knife be performed at the same time?


One improves the face (e.g. pigmentation) and the other improves the lining (firming, lifting and shaping). If you are not in a hurry, try not to do it at the same time. After all, both are heat producing and increase the risk. If, on the other hand, it is solved in one day, you can have a cold compress on your face after photorejuvenation and wait for the recovery before proceeding with RF and ultrasonic knife treatment.


7、Can photorejuvenation and fractional laser be performed at the same time?


If you are going to have a peeling laser (crusting) such as pixel laser or fractional CO2 laser, there is no need to do photorejuvenation. If you are going to have a non-peel fractional laser (non-crusting), then this is a perfect combination to improve both the face and the body. Do the photonics first and then the non-ablative fractional with plenty of cold compresses in between. Between the two fractional laser can be interspersed with photon therapy.


8、Can I do laser beauty after hydrafacial injection?


The main injection content of hydroluminescence needle is small molecule hyaluronic acid, which is relatively sensitive to temperature. Therefore, try not to carry out the project of laser beauty within 1 month, otherwise it will accelerate the degradation and cause waste. In addition to the treatment of scab, generally after the laser beauty can continue to hydrafacial injection, so that the color & luster will be jointly improved.


9、Can I have laser cosmetic treatment after fat grafting?


Generally do not carry out radio frequency, ultrasonic knife and other treatments within 3 months of fat transplantation, so as not to interfere with the survival of fat cells. However, photon and laser skin purification have no effect. Although fractional CO2 laser and fractional near infrared laser penetrate deeper, they are limited to the skin and generally have no effect on the deeper fat layer, so you should consult with your doctor.


10、Do the mole or double eyelid first?


The surgery should be done first, otherwise the wound formed after laser mole spotting will be stimulated by disinfectant (such as alcohol or iodophor) during the surgical disinfection. This article is applicable to fractional CO2 laser, pixel laser and Q-switched 1064 laser.


11、Can buried threads be done together with laser aesthetics?


These mainly use synthetic polymer substances to stimulate collagen synthesis or provide a scaffold for collagen attachment to fill and tighten the role. It is not suitable for laser cosmetic treatment with deep penetration depth (RF, ultrasonic knife) within six months, but the other way around, except for crusting.


12、Can buried thread be done together with Botox and hyaluronic acid injection?


Because the principle of action is different, the role played is also different. Therefore, there is no conflict between the buried threads, facial injections and Botox and hyaluronic acid, and they can be combined with each other as appropriate, there is no strict contraindication between them.


Of course, in fact, more than these microplastic treatments are being carried out, we have to analyze the specific situation, some microplastic treatments are not approved by our SFDA, some are still immature, we have to keep our eyes open and carefully discern!


Non-medical institutions are not allowed to carry out


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.  Medical beauty must be carried out in a medical institution, and the physician must be qualified as a medical beauty practitioner.


Be sure to keep a clear head and don’t be brainwashed! Don’t be fooled! Chances are the operator doing the micropigmentation in the salon is the same beautician who has just trained for three days using chicken!


Also, beauty salons are punished for carrying out micropigmentation without permission! The fine starts from 50,000! If you encounter unauthorized microplastic medical beauty, please report to the local health department in time.

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