To quickly create a V face, you need facial liposuction

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Now more and more girls want small V face, face fat, will lead to look no chin, jaw line will become unclear, the whole person will look bloated, no line sense. Want to let facial adipose disappear quickly, the method most direct method is to carry on facial liposuction. In fact, facial liposuction is not only to thin the face, in fact, facial liposuction is a process of shaping, can improve facial sagging, improve the shape of the face, to achieve the effect of youthful. Combined with facial autologous fat filling, it can achieve a real face lift.


The distribution of facial fat


Facial subcutaneous fat is not a whole, is a small piece of fat, mainly divided into deep fat and shallow fat. Like buchanal fat pad belongs to facial deep adipose, atrophy becomes smaller after adult, can extend in individual circumstance, cause the volume to become big and obvious droop, at this moment operation removes buchanal fat pad to be able to improve droop. It should be noted that under normal conditions, do not easily do the removal of buccal fat pad, because after the removal of buccal fat pad, the facial fat sense will be significantly reduced, but some patients who blindly remove buccal fat pad will feel that the facial skin is not full after surgery, and look older.


The superficial facial fat is mainly distributed in the middle face and neck, which is the main factor causing the middle and lower face droop. Droop after accumulation in the lateral area of the law line (nasolabial groove), both sides of the cheek (cheek) and double chin (mandibular bag), this part of the fat is dense, can be removed through liposuction surgery, improve the droop phenomenon of the middle and lower face.


What person suits to do facial liposuction


Cheek part is adipose more person, simple test method is to look at a mirror, in the part that thinks face is fatter (common is before cheek, cheek, chin, etc.), if the organization that can pinch with thumb and index finger is thicker, can improve through facial liposuction mostly.


 facial liposuction


Facial liposuction


1, cheek liposuction


Cheek in medicine generally refers to the side, specifically before the ear to the zygomatic, zygomatic arch to the mandibular margin surrounded by the face region. Excess fat in this area causes the face to appear bloated and dilated. Liposuction on the cheeks is very different from liposuction on the trunk and limbs. The biggest difference lies in its higher requirements, specifically manifested as more facial nerve distribution, high requirements on the symmetry of both sides of the face, high requirements on the flatness of the skin, high requirements on the concealment of the skin incision, and high requirements on the operation technology and accuracy of minor trauma. Therefore, it is very important to choose the formal medical institutions with rich experience in plastic surgery and complete technical equipment.


2, lower mental fat liposuction


A ‘double chin’ is jokingly referred to as’ fuzziness ‘, but it is unsightly for both men and women because of the broken boundaries of the face and the short, stubby neck, which is caused by the accumulation of fat in the chin area. Take lower mental fat liposuction, can simply and quickly remove excessive fat, restore the appearance of young vitality, and postoperative rebound is not easy.


Liposuction process


1,Determine the range of liposuction


2, local swelling anesthesia


3,Emulsify subcutaneous fat


4,A small liposuction tube is inserted through a 2-3 mm concealed incision (earlobe sulcus, submental sulcus, etc.), and fat is evenly sucked out under negative pressure.


Combination collocation effect is more obvious


1,Cheek liposuction + embedding line promotion


If it is serious facial sagging, it can be matched with buried thread lifting, which can slim the face and tighten the skin at the same time, and the outline will be clearer.


2,Chin liposuction + chin augmentation


If the chin shrinks back or is relatively short and round, you can choose to match the prosthesis chin augmentation or hyaluronic acid chin augmentation, so that the effect is double, so that the chin becomes pointed and pretty, full of three-dimensional sense, so as to achieve the coordination and beauty of the whole face.


Preoperative Precautions


1, make sure to do a general examination before surgery, to ensure that the body is healthy, no infectious diseases or other body inflammation;


2, patients with hypertension and diabetes, should inform the doctor at the first visit, so that plastic surgeons confirm the operation plan;


3,Within two weeks before the double chin liposuction operation, do not take any drugs containing aspirin, because aspirin will reduce the function of platelet coagulation;


4,Before surgery, women should avoid menstruation and lactation, and do not make up before surgery.


Postoperative nursing methods


1,Do not eat seafood and spicy food after liposuction;


2, early postoperative light activity, do not have bed rest, can carry out daily activities, try to avoid some facial movement, mental work or light manual workers, can work as usual, without rest.


3,On the day of operation, there may be fluid seepage. If it penetrates into the dressing, sterile gauze or clean sanitary napkin can be used in the dressing, and do not open the dressing by yourself to avoid contamination of the wound.


4,After liposuction, it is necessary to wear a bandage, which can fully compress the surgical scope. It is a method to help the skin tissue heal, and at the same time to help the skin tighten and smooth.


After facial liposuction surgery, the subject must strictly abide by the doctor’s instructions, do a good job of nursing, avoid negligence and cause facial infection, affect the effect of facial liposuction thin face.

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