Which works better, hot Marge or hot latite?

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A lot of people silly can’t tell the difference between hot Maggie and hot Ladi, in the impression seems to be two can pull tight skin, the name is also very similar, so people always ask me she is suitable for hot Maggie or hot ladi, which effect is better, I believe this is also a lot of people more confused point.


In fact, it’s not entirely possible to say which one works best, because in the field of anti-aging, both of these projects are anti-handle, so go with tail to see which one is more suitable for you.


Hot Maggie


The anti-aging principle of hot marge is mainly to improve the sagging skin by heating the skin. Radioffrequency energy is transferred from the epidermis to the dermis and imported from the outside to the inside. Heating and heating cover a wide area, activate the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and tighten the skin.


Hot Maggie




Heat, and heat maggie is rf energy, only to reach derma layer, heat, maggie cannot solve the fat and drooping and fascia layer, while hot, can solve the problem of the three, especially for fat problem, after I finish hot, the improvement of the law grains and jaw line double chin can significantly reduce a lot, line feeling and contour came out.


The difference between


1.Hot Maggie is suitable for people who want lines and neck problems around the eyes, the skin can be a little tighter, but the depth is only 3mm, so more effect on the dermis or epidermis layer, layer is not hot pull deep, skin problems of mm can be selected.


2.Hot, suitable for resistance to early old girl, fine lines, wrinkles, double chin and jaw line problems can be solved, the fat effect is very good, so to say 1 time hot, = 1 time ultrasonic ascension + 3 times hot maggie + 3 times to dissolve fat effect, and low heat, maggie, pain also minimum damage to the skin, but to do at least three times a period of treatment, cut both ways.


Tail tips:


I feel that the anti-aging girls are more suitable for The hot latiti, and hot latiti is indeed an innovation in ultrasonic lifting and hot maggy, suitable for the jaw line meat and the law lines problem is serious, the most important point is that I am afraid of pain, haha, so I choose hot latiti.

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