Why is it that the Thermage you played has no effect?

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Previously, some of my partners had left a comment under the post of Neng Neng, thinking that the effect was not as good as I described, and even doubted whether they had played a fake instrument. The reason is that my face was filled with fat before and Thermage is better for fleshy faces.


And not getting good results, but also may be the post-operative care is not done well, resulting in half-hearted efforts, not play the original effectiveness of Thermage.


The following are some of the care points that must be remembered after Thermage surgery.


There is a few days of swelling after surgery


The immediate effect of Thermage is very good, but because Thermage is after all an invasive anti-aging program, there will be a swelling period of 3-7 days after the surgery. [OK] At this time, you do not need to worry too much about the swelling of your face, you can simply apply ice packs to quickly reduce the swelling. It is best not to wash your face with too hot water during the swelling period, if you are using hot water to wash your face there will be obvious tingling sensation.




The filler on the face will partially melt away


This time I had Thermage and I had a distinct feeling that the effect was amazing, my face was smaller and tighter. However, the fillers at the base of my nose and at the lines of my forehead have obviously disappeared a lot. If you have had fillers on your face before, it is normal to have the same condition, and it is good to continue to make up for it three months after having Thermage. Of course, personal advice is definitely to do Thermage first, and then do filler in some depressed areas.


Avoid squeezing and rubbing the skin after surgery


Although you can’t see any wounds on the surface after Thermage, the energy of Thermage hitting the dermis will leave it in a state of imminent damage. If you squeeze and rub vigorously after the operation, or steam sauna or the like, it is very detrimental to the recovery of the dermis, because if you have the need to massage or wait until 3 months later.


Post-operative sensitive and dry skin needs timely repair


If you think that it is equivalent to a set of skin care products from Aquamarine, you will feel that it is better to spend 1w a year to do a Thermage.


I’ve been doing Thermage for almost 1 month, and after my friends met me, they felt my face was not as fleshy as before. The key is still to do the right post-operative care ~ hope that sisters can safely become beautiful

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