7 Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2021 Long hair or short hair is your choice

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Hair training school teacher Nikisho has compiled seven hairstyles for the fall/winter 2021, from long to short. There’s always one that’s right for you.


The princess cut




The best spokesperson for the Princess Cut was Hyun a. The hair first originated in Japan’s ancient noble women, ears on both sides of the hair neat to about the location of the jaw, can modify the face, short hair, long hair can easily manage, clear sea on collocation eyebrow to highlight features, more if you want to make the hair more have administrative levels feeling, can choose highlights light color hair, on the vision also will be rich!


Cropped hair on the outside


Fluffy round short hair and shoulders, deserve to go up slightly upwards the tail, it is also known as “jellyfish hair”, along with the gender, lazy roll degrees, look outside the reduction of age a lot ah ~ curved radian in addition to the overall administrative upup, also can let a hair look more serious oh, hair amount less niu can consider it!


Retro curls


Iron this small curly afro and take you back to the 1970s in a second! This fluffy, retro look doesn’t look old, but feels a little lazy, suitable for all kinds of face shapes, the point is that it is also very changeable! Can tie a princess head, let the hair have modelling more, tie ponytail also not inflexible, have individual character very much instead!


Short shoulder hair


Simple straight flush short hair, give a person clean, agile feeling, did not play level is also very type, the biggest advantage is good finishing, only need a comb, with water can model! What also can match Euramerican wind is picked additionally dye, or it is gradually layer dyes hair to suit again nevertheless, the vision can have individual character more!


C word short hair


The Bob head with simple outline, collocation big next minute divide clear sea, spontaneous sex is intellectual! A little layer of hair is the soul of the head, the key to the shape of the face is here! Show temperament more after ear of clear sea hook, the belle that wants to try short hair people can consider this, basic also not easy to make a mistake.


Pixie hair


The elf cut is the exclusive hairstyle for oval faces. The very short hair cut to the ears with a sense of smooth lines makes the style more layered, playful and handsome. It can improve the face and neck line at one time, but picking the wrong face shape can easily make you look fat, which is a difficult hairstyle to manage.


Wool volumes


Wool roll is not too grandiose like big wavy roll, but with a bit of casual feeling, can modify the face line, create small face effect! Tie-in hat, adorn article very suit also, lovely do not break vogue again! Perm this long hair and the retro curl of the waist, back to kill the beauty is you!

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