After reading this hair care tutorial, refuse to pay IQ tax again!

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My hair is on the pillow, on the sofa, on the floor, but not on my head. It is said that the height of the hairline determines the level of appearance, as a balding edge wandering people, it is necessary to put the way of hair must be put on the daily! But all kinds of hair care methods are popular online, however, there are some wrong ideas about hair care. Let’s take a look today.


Can frequent washing aggravate hair loss?


Normal cleaning will not cause hair loss. Because hair also falls out on its own, there is no direct effect between shampoo and hair loss. However, if you wash your hair frequently, it will still damage your hair. It is best to wash your hair every 2-3 days.


Do not wash your hair for a long time?


Although the grease that scalp place produces has the effect that protects hair and embellish hair, do not wash a hair for a long time however more easily make oily accumulation, affect the health condition of scalp instead. Therefore, proper cleaning frequency is more beneficial to the hair and scalp.


Is natural drying better than blow-drying?


This is mainly because a lot of people worry about hair dryer damage, in fact, the main hair is not completely blow-dry is not what damage. And if the weather is cold, it’s not good for your health to dry naturally.


hair care tutorial


Comb your hair often to make your hair healthier?


Brushing your hair properly can really help with a healthy scalp. It is recommended to use an air cushion comb to reduce tension and static electricity.


In addition to shampoo, daily maintenance also needs to pay attention to oh ~


1.Pay attention to sun protection, scalp is very vulnerable to UV damage, try to reduce exposure to the sun. It is best to wear a hat or an umbrella when you go outdoors in summer.


2.Ensure sleep, remember to go to bed early, don’t stay up late! The most intuitive performance is the decline in body resistance, easy hair loss.


3. Reduce dyeing and perming, a large number of hair loss, a large part of the reason is because they love to torment their hair, if you really need to perming and dyeing, be sure to interval 3-6 months, to give hair a buffer recovery period. Use a hair conditioner oil.


4.regular trim hair, hair is too long or the end of the hair often split, can regularly trim the hair, make the hair maintain a new look, healthy new hair can also replace the damaged old hair more quickly.


5.adjust their state, excessive brain, impatience, worry, depression and other unstable emotions, will aggravate hair loss, usually must pay attention to adjust their own pressure.


6. timely supplementation of protein, 97% of the hair is keratin, keratin loss will make the hair more easily fall out or, usually can eat more meat, eggs and milk.


Take off the single as early as possible, as early as possible to prevent hair loss. Smooth hair really adds to a person in every way, so before you meet a man, feel confident. Finally, I wish everyone can become a beautiful girl from head to foot.

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