At home hair dye can also easily get the same celebrity models, 4 lasting and mild hair dye to understand

wu meijie Date:2021-09-03 17:54:36
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Four long-lasting and mild hair dyes for little sisters to understand, at home can also easily get the same hair color of the stars.


1,Schwarzkopf 891

Like low-key and with a little blues sister this is super suitable. Schwarzkopf hair coloring cream is still quite mild, and it is also very good color, dyed hair will not feel very dry hair. The color is also different and beautiful, black hair can also be very good on the color, but light-colored hair will still be more obvious after dyeing da.




The color is also very good-looking, the color will not be obvious indoors, but outdoors in the sunlight is a very good blue-black. If you don’t want your hair to look too light but want a little color, this is very suitable. The color is also very white, what skin tone is very good to manage.


2, Schwarzkopf pink rose sweet brown

Pink sweet brown is really good-looking, very girl’s a color. Schwarzkopf this hair dye is still very good, with a flood of light pink and a little gray tone of brown, and the subsequent pink will not be how to fall.



And Schwarzkopf hair dye experience is still very good, although just dyed hair will be very dry, but it sent hair is very good to use.

But this kind of light color, or the original hair color is very careful, the lighter the hair color the better, really very girl group wind feeling, sweet tug cool girl arrangement, at home can also dye the girl group hair color.


3,Kao white gold light camel color

Kao’s white gold light camel color was very hot a long time ago, it really is a divine hair color, no wonder it has been fire until now.



This color just dyed out of the feeling is greenish, after the color is very beautiful golden brown, and this color is also very low-key, not particularly obvious, but can feel dyed hair, and the color is also very white, very temperamental color. This hair color is also very suitable for autumn and winter, the color is also very durable, the New Year sisters arrangement.


4, Kao Worldwide blue

Misty blue in these two years are still quite hot oh, we should also be some time ago by Cheng Xiao’s blue hair to charm it. Kao on the color is quite even, and also very mild, will not be very stimulating to the scalp, and the durability is also very good.This color is really good-looking, and yellow skin is also very white, not to mention the white skin. And Kao foam hair dye is also very convenient, color lasting and not easy to lose color, so that the hair is also very shiny. However, if the original black hair sister, the color may not be particularly obvious, but also can dye a good effect.



In fact, they can also dye their own good color at home, but all the sisters in the dyeing of hair is best not to wash your hair in the first few days, the scalp secretion of oil can also be a better protection of the scalp.

And don’t wash your hair too often in the days of dyeing, so that the color will last longer on your head.

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