At home you can create the same style of celebrity hair! Tips on how to use a curling iron for beginners, easy to change your hairstyle

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Many sisters must have been used to the traditional “long and straight black” hairstyle, and want to break out of their own comfort zone by changing their previous hairstyle and dressing style. At the same time, see a lot of little sisters have dyed hair, perm, elegant temperament of the big wave looks senior and fashionable, they can not help but be moved up, but perm or more harm to the hair quality, especially the hair quality itself is not very good sisters, or do not easily perm, or hair quality more difficult to recover.


That while wanting beautiful sexy wave volume, but also want to maintain the hair quality, then we should do it? Don’t worry, we can actually try a curling iron to make a disposable big wave volume for yourself, so that it will not hurt the hair quality, but also to create the look we want.


The curling iron is also very friendly for those sisters who like to try new things, you can change your hair at will, tired of looking or feel unattractive to wash a hair can be restored to its original appearance.


But there are some sisters worried, they do not know how to use a curling iron? Every time we go to the hairdresser is a stylist to help us take care of the hair, they never cared, so they do not know how to use the curling iron. Today I will share with you sisters the use of curling wand tutorials, so you can quickly get started even if you have never used one, to create their own glamorous look.


Curling iron selection


In fact, there are many functions of the curling iron, the effect on the creation of hair is also very different. In the selection of curling wand, also pay attention to choose which tail line can be three hundred and sixty degrees rotation, so that when we curl the hair, the line will not wind up.


The diameter of the curling iron can generally choose 28-35 cm is enough, the diameter of this range is more practical, these diameters out of the hair are more natural, fluffy is also fully meet the daily needs. For the choice of curling iron temperature, this is also related to their own hair quality.


curly hair


If the hair is relatively fine and soft, you can choose 130-140 degrees of temperature range, normal hair can choose 150-160 degrees, if the hair is thicker and harder, then the temperature can be appropriately adjusted higher, choose 160-180 degrees, there is no need to choose 200 degrees of this too high temperature.


At the same time, I am here to give sisters a little tips to create hair, that is, in addition to adjusting the hair curl, do not ignore the top of the cranial fluffiness.


To create a fluffy top of the skull also has a very important impact on the whole hair, in short, is the top of the head of the hair root pad up, looks like the whole top of the skull will be more fluffy, hair volume will also increase a lot, set off the whole face is also very small and delicate.


Cushion the top of the skull


We can use hair clips to clip up a whole piece of hair at the top of the skull, do not clip too much at once, otherwise it is not good to shape. The result is different from the traditional “cornrows” and looks more natural. Then put down the first clip up a piece of hair, the whole hair fluffy and natural, the surface will not have clip marks, can not see the use of clipboard.


Big wave curly hair


First of all, we need to separate our hair from the middle, divided into two areas, and then from one area to start rolling, with hands to lift out a cluster of hair, with a curling iron clipboard to hold a strand of hair, holding a curling iron, curling iron perpendicular to the ground, and then clockwise outside the volume, roll our hair, and then slowly turn around, let the curling iron in the hair for a few seconds after you can release the hair, after releasing the hair, we then go to roll the following hair, in order to proceed on it.


When we curl hair, we should pay attention not to ignore the tips, the tips should also be rolled up, otherwise the whole hair is wavy, only the tips are straight, looks very strange.


Curly hair is actually a technical job, but not that the threshold is very low, just need some small skills, more practice can master it.


At the end of the article, I also want to share a curly hair tips to all the sisters, that is, before curling hair must be applied to the hair with skin care oil, whether it is the use of straight clip or curling iron, as long as it is before doing the modeling, the first step in any modeling is to wipe the essential oil, because the essential oil is able to resist the high temperature to bring the hair damage.

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