Common misconceptions about hair dyeing make it easy for you to have a variety of hairstyles

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Myth 1: Choosing hair dye by color, not by texture of ingredients


Many women choose to dye their hair to change their style, but they only select the hair color carefully, but take a blind eye to the more important choice of hair coloring products.


In fact, hair dye is a chemical reagent and damage to hair is inevitable in the process of hair coloring, but products with natural ingredients and hair care factors can not only effectively avoid damage, but also make hair color more lasting and even after dyeing. Therefore, it is important to do a good test when choosing a hair dye.


If you want to know whether your skin is allergic to the hair dye product, you can do an experiment behind your ear: that is, blend a little of the dye liquid to be used and wipe it on your skin, and wait for half an hour to see if there is any redness or red spots. If not, it is safe to use, on the contrary, if you use it blindly, it may damage your health while destroying the balance of your hair and scalp.


Myth 2: Hairdresser salon hair coloring effect must be better than your own DIY


Most people choose to go to a barber store or salon when they dye and perm their hair, thinking that the effect will be better in the hands of a professional hairdresser. In fact, professional hair coloring is not only more expensive, but the hair dye chosen is likely not as good as the one you buy yourself. In addition, since hair stylists are manually blended on site by themselves according to the ratio, it is not very accurate, resulting in colors that do not meet the requirements. In contrast, the ready-made hair coloring products available in the market are precise in quantity and less likely to produce color differences.


But hairdressers also have the advantage of coloring hair because professional hairdressers are more skillful, faster and more evenly applied. The pros and cons of both are also based on personal considerations.




Myth 3: Hair cutting and coloring can be done continuously


This misconception is extremely common, many women are in salons and other hairdressing institutions to complete the process of hair coloring and perming, often staying there for a whole day, through the whole process of hair cutting, perming, hair coloring, walking out of the salon as if a new person.


However, in fact, just after the haircut on the hair color, will make the hair dye penetrate into the hair, resulting in a lot of damage. At the same time, it is more likely to cause problems such as uneven coloring of the hair and unsustainable color locking time.


Therefore, it is recommended that hair trimming and perm dyeing should not be carried out in one day; at the same time, the residual hair dye shaping agent on the surface of the hair should be washed out by certain nourishing color locking wash products after hair dyeing.


Myth 4: It is better to do care before dyeing hair than to follow up maintenance


Many people are well aware of the dangers of hair coloring and perming for hair, so they tend to hold the psychology of prevention, using a variety of moisturizing and conditioning shampoo products before hair coloring, and even do a care before hair coloring. In fact, this will affect the coloring of hair, resulting in uneven coloring of hair.


It is advisable to use only cleansing effect or even shampoo soap to clean the hair, then avoid hot air blowing hair, and dry the hair before starting to color it, so as to reduce the damage to the hair.


In addition, the hair after dyeing and perming is indispensable in the subsequent hair care steps, and it is essential to choose a very nourishing and moisturizing hair care products.


Myth 5: Curling irons or straightening irons have little power and won’t damage your hair


Many girls who use curling irons every day think that curling irons compared to styling dyeing hair heat time is short, the degree of styling is low, so there will be no damage. In fact, the daily use of curling irons or straightening irons on the hair, the damage is comparable to frequent styling perm!


Imagine, the hot air blowing hair will make hair dry and dehydrated, triggering frizz, then the curling iron and hair so “close contact”, the damage is more than the hair dryer to powerful hundred times!

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