Emma Chamberlain Is “Bangin Baby” With Her New Haircut

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Not long after becoming a redhead, Emma Chamberlain has joined the second hottest club of 2021. The price of admission? A new set of bangs. This week, Chamberlain’s glam team, including her go-to celebrity hairstylist, Laura Polko, shared images from her fresh haircut for an upcoming Numéro magazine shoot. “Bangin baby” is what Polko captioned the Instagram photo.



Chamberlain’s piecey, forehead-grazing bangs were paired with a fresh chop to the ends of her hair and a new light-brown color. In the photo, Polko tagged a slew of other beauty professionals, including the hair-extension brand Bellami Hair. It’s unclear if she used extensions to add to Chamberlain’s overall length or if the bangs themselves were clip-ins (although we really hope not).
Emma Chamberlain
Later, on her personal Instagram Story, Chamberlain shared mirror selfies of her new haircut and captioned the first, super-close-up photo with “bangs?” before zooming out and giving her followers a look at the entire style with a reaffirming “bangs😳.” This updated summer hairstyle comes just two months after Polko helped Chamberlain go red in May, which was her biggest departure yet from her natural hair color.



Get a closer look at Chamberlain’s new haircut ahead.
Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain

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