Hair care essential oil is not “hair care”. Wet hair is better than blow drying. It is not greasy or contaminated with dust

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Is the hair care essential oil good for wet hair after drying? In fact, the effect is not much different, but wet hair is easier to apply evenly, the hair is absorbed better, it is not easy to apply evenly after drying, and the essential oil floating on the surface is easy to be contaminated with dust.


When the hair is wet, a little essential oil can achieve the required moisturizing effect. After drying, the hair is more glossy and can’t be seen. If you directly blow dry and then use essential oil, not only the amount of essential oil is relatively large, but also it is not easy to apply it evenly. Although the hair will slowly absorb it, it looks greasy, which will affect the sense of experience.


Another point is to make sure that hair care is called hair care, but it doesn’t achieve the effect of your hair care. It’s just instant moisturizing effect. It’s awesome, just like face cream. It’s comfortable to use up, but it can’t solve your skin problem.


When it comes to essential oils, it always gives people a magical feeling. In fact, the role of hair care essential oils is to moisturize and increase gloss. For damaged hair, no matter how much hair care essential oil is used, it will not be much improved, and the hair care effect is far inferior to hair mask care.


Hair care essential oil is mainly used for curly hair, such as curly hair after hot ironing. It is most suitable to take care of the shape with essential oil. Because the more dry and curly the hot curled hair is, there is no need to use modeling products such as elastin to increase the elasticity. But the end of the permed hair is still a little dry. At this time, the moisturizing effect of the essential oil is brought into play, especially for the split hair. It can’t be seen immediately after using the essential oil.


The cold curl hair, with the effect of hair care essential oil is not as awesome as elastin or foam wax, because essential oils do not have the effect of moisturizing and stereotyping. After cold perm, the hair is easy to spread, the curl is easy to enlarge, and it is easy to have a sense of irritability.


Hair care essential oil


The correct use of hair care essential oil is as follows:


1,After shampoo, dry the water with a towel;


2,Apply a little essential oil, because the hair is wet, it is easier to apply, and the effect of hair absorption is better;


3,When applying, squeeze out a little essential oil, rub it in the palm, and hold it up from the hair tip. Because the part most in need of moisture is the hair tip, you must start from the hair tip, grasp the hair tip evenly, and then grasp and rub the hair upward. If the essential oil on your hand is absorbed, squeeze out a little essential oil and rub it open, or grab your hair from bottom to top, because healthy parts do not need to be applied, so the focus is on the hair tail or damaged parts;


4,After applying evenly, dry the hair with a hair dryer. If the hair tail is still irritable, then grab the hair tip with a small amount of essential oil;


5,The amount of essential oil should not be too much, too much will lead to greasy hair and easy to be contaminated with dust;


6,It is recommended to apply it in wet hair state and supplement it in dry hair state. If you start applying after drying, first, it is not easy to apply evenly, and the absorption effect of hair will be greatly reduced. Second, the essential oil is easy to float on the hair surface, which looks greasy and unnatural, so the effect of wet hair application is the best.


There are many types of essential oils, including curly hair, straight hair, split hair, added during shampoo, and mixed with hair film. There are also some special types of essential oils that can be directly applied to the scalp, which can play the role of anti allergy and moisturizing, dandruff and itching, oil control and oil removal, and hair loss prevention.


Hair care types are mostly used for curly hair or dry straight hair at the end. For specific application methods, please refer to the operation process described above. Special purpose essential oils are best used according to the instructions. Some essential oils are delicate and can be applied evenly to dry hair. Therefore, different essential oils are recommended to be used according to the product requirements.


Finally, the conclusion is: ① the application effect of hair care essential oil in wet hair state is the best, it is easy to apply evenly, and the absorption effect of hair is also better; ② It is not easy to apply it evenly, and the hair absorption effect is not good. The essential oil floats on the hair surface and is easy to be contaminated with dust; ③ When the hair is seriously damaged, wet the hair first, dry it, and then add a little essential oil to the hair tip. The moisturizing effect is better.

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