Hair color recommendation 2021|3 popular bright hair colors: cherry blossom pink brown, honey tea brown, and haze cold brown

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Switching hair color can instantly improve your color, but many hair dye brands focus only on hair color and ignore the luster of the hair, which affects the overall face color. This time, we recommend 3 hot hair color this season, the unique three-dimensional hair color technology to show the layers and texture of the hair under the change of light, 3 popular hair color is cherry pink brown, honey tea brown and haze cold brown, Korean actresses have also been the first to dye!


2021 hair color recommendation: cherry blossom pink brown


“Cherry blossom pink brown” is the hottest hair color keyword this year, adding a pinkish cherry blossom pink tone to the soft brown tone, neutralizing the heavy and bland feeling of the brown tone, showing a darker rose pink color in the sunlight, with a clear sense of hierarchy, and also making the face look rosy and not flashy, while having a whitening effect, even the sweet-looking “national first love” Soo Ji has already taken the lead in dyeing this shade earlier!


2021 hair color recommendation: honey tea brown


Honey tea brown is a blend of golden honey and brown tones of strong tea together, a very warm brown tones, compared to the general brown tones with a little orange Tone, the sun more colorful while retaining the hair shine, and do not need bleaching and dyeing can be done, this hair color for girls with dull skin tone has a brightening effect, very suitable for Asian girls, Lee Bible and Taeyeon also like this hair color, curl long hair into a big wavy hair can highlight the hair color!




2021 hair color recommendation: haze cold brown


The “haze cold brown” is a cold brown wood tone with a smoky foggy feel, dyed as if it comes with a gentle sense of filter, quite soft and sexy; indoors it is a very low-key dark brown, but outdoors under the sunlight will have a high level of matte green tones, style! This hair color can not only balance the yellowish tone in Asian skin tone, but also brighten the transparency of skin tone, which has always been the trend indicator of BlackPink, Lisa has also dyed this hair color, with her signature bangs hair, more texture in the light changes.


The most beautiful hair color can also have a bright shiny feeling!

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