Hair frizziness on these hair care oil, so you say goodbye to dry frizz

nikisho Date:2021-07-29 14:39:32
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Nowadays, girls love beauty, perm hair dyeing has become a daily routine, so I believe there should be a lot of sisters and six six I have suffered from dry hair like a golden lion, so the urgent need to change the hair problem.


This time we need hair care oil to repair our hair ~


However, how to choose the hair oil? Because it’s very easy to flatten and lock your hair after applying it, it’s like you haven’t washed your hair for three days, or the fragrance is so heavy that you can smoke yourself a big heel.


Don’t worry, the following nikisho to sister inventory a few superb hair care oil, hair frizzy on them, you can say goodbye to dry frizzy Oh, interested in a look at it ~


1、Cash essence pure hair care oil


Cash essence pure hair care oil


This hair care oil for six six I this hair tail dry + fine soft hair true love, each time press a pump or two in the palm of your hand, rubbed on the semi-dry hair tail, and then blow dry, hair slippery will not make the hair greasy. The most important thing is! When you wash it off, it doesn’t stick to your hands! It’s not as hard to wash your hands as other oils, this is because in addition to the aforementioned argan oil, it also adds shiny oil tea seed oil and smooth pure corn oil. Then the scent is also very good, it is said that the fragrance perfumer specially tuned yo ~


2, L’Oreal small gold bottle hair care oil


L'Oreal small gold bottle hair care oil


L’Oreal this is very suitable for the damaged hair after perming and dyeing, nourishing effect is really superb! The groove press design, will seem more convenient in the use of the texture of the thick, absorption is a little slow, the best in the wet state of the hair use. It is also a good idea to use it with 6 kinds of rare flower essential oils, and when you apply it, you will not have a pleasant floral fragrance, so that your hair continues to emit a fresh fragrance, which is really super attractive.


3, Moroccanoil Moroccan hair care oil


Moroccanoil Moroccan hair care oil


This is the old netizen, it is more than New York Fashion Week royal hair products, or Cosme Grand Award winner, online reputation is very good ~ extracted from the Moroccan Argan tree nuts of Moroccan Argan oil, there is an incredible moisturizing effect, and very easy to absorb, it is used in the effectiveness of hair care more powerful than olive oil, so that the hair is more smooth and moisturizing, shiny. The point is that although it is oil but really not oil every drop is the essence, hair care + hair proper, so you say goodbye to dry frizz ~


4, Loretta hair care oil


Loretta hair care oil


This is a Japanese hair care oil is also the oil I am currently using, it and Morocco, L’Oreal’s thick texture is relatively refreshing, the fluidity of the essential oil is very strong, but after using the hair really good smooth Oh, and the smell is superb, light rose aroma is very comfortable, the fragrance can also be maintained for about two days, look at a small bottle but very durable, 3 months basic no problem.


5, Amore hair care oil


Amore hair care oil


It is very effective for damaged hair caused by coloring and perming, adhere to a period of time can significantly reduce the feeling of hair frizziness. The actual a lot of people are not only a lot of people, but they are also a lot of people who are not a lot of people.


Well, the above is suitable to let you say goodbye to dry frizzy hair oil homework, really hair really affects a person’s face, so must be maintained well Oh ~

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