How do girls maintain their hair in winter

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How should I maintain my hair in cold winter? Now nikisho will tell you. Let’s learn about it. How do girls maintain their hair in winter:


1.Intensive care


In the winter months, the outdoor and indoor air is dry. Take time to do a deep moisturizing care for your hair every week. You can use hair mask at home. After washing your hair, apply hair mask and rinse it after waiting for 15 minutes. You can also use Sassoon one minute water lock hair mask, which is faster and more convenient.


2.Reduce shampoo frequency


In winter, you can reduce the frequency of shampoo, two to three times a week. Make sure your hair is dry before you leave home. Not only to prevent cold, wet hair is the most vulnerable, so it is more vulnerable to cold wind damage.


hair care


3.Trim the hair tail regularly


Regular hair trimming is the best way to protect hair health. Every 6 to 8 weeks, go to the barbershop or trim the hair tail with scissors to make the nutrients of the scalp evenly take into account every inch of hair.


How can hair get more?


1,Develop good sleep habits: adequate sleep habits can maintain the normal metabolism of the body, and the hair of colleagues can also grow;


2,Beer hair care: wash and dry the hair, then evenly wipe 1 / 8 of the whole bottle of beer on the hair, and do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the root of the hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with water, and then comb your hair with a wooden comb or ox horn comb. The effective nutrients in beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing hair from drying and falling off, and can also make hair bright.


3,Frequent combing method: remember to comb the hair for a long time every day, because combing the hair can promote the blood circulation of the head, enhance the vitality of scalp cells, and enable the hair to achieve the function of rapid growth. It is best to comb the hair with a wooden comb. Don’t comb with a nylon comb. The nylon comb is easy to generate static electricity, which will bring adverse stimulation to the scalp.

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