How does hair exiguous tie good-looking

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The solution to thinning hair is to create a fluffy look. You can use a root bulking spray, mousse or styling spray to strengthen the roots, and then add an elegant ballet bun or a delicate fishtail braid to your hair to help you win a great romance!


1, Fishtail braids. Blow a hair with a hair dryer above all, or use stick hair to roll curly hair, make the hair a little fluffed, begin to weave fishtail braid next, divide the hair into two areas to cross back and forth, pull open braid slightly after getting finished, messy a little also very beautiful actually.


2, Ballet bun. Use hair dryer or the support force that plump hair gel enhances hair root, after the hair is upward gathered dish messy ballet law bun, the United States gets natural not affectant.


3, Start French braiding the back of your head. From the top of head begins to make up more common, might as well begin to make up 4-5 times from the place of back head, had tied with rubber band in the position of nape neck next, the hair that remains is scattered go down.


What food does hair exiguous eat


With less hair, you need to eat more hair care foods such as brown rice, Swiss chard, and soft, smooth eggs. Said the mother net encyclopedia are elated, the following quick to find a variety of delicious!


1, Eggs Eggs contain zinc, choline and other elements, zinc can control the amount of oil produced by hair follicles, and sulfur can make hair stronger, eat an egg and a glass of milk for breakfast is really excellent, not only nutrition but also hair care.


2, Brown rice. Brown rice contains more water-soluble vitamin groups than white rice, which can help improve hair elasticity, make hair stronger, nourish hair follicles and, most surprisingly, promote new hair.


3, Swiss chard. Beets contain a variety of rich nutritional elements, such as magnesium, β -carotene, vitamin C, etc., often eat can make hair more elastic.


4, Figs. If you’ve been losing a lot of hair lately, consider eating figs, which are rich in iron and will stimulate blood circulation and hair growth when you’re full!




What shampoo does hair exiguous use


Voluminous effect of the shampoo cliff is a girl’s favorite ah! These shampoos give the roots more support so that the hair looks straight instead of tight to the scalp!


1, Fu green De Ya abundant shampoo. With thin hair and a lack of support between the strands, your hair will look flat. You can try their shampoo to increase the support from the roots to the ends and keep your hair plump.


2, L ‘Occitane Herbal Essence Volumizing Shampoo. Ladies when shopping malls might as well go to THE counter of L ‘Occitane, their home of this shampoo can make hair more plump, supple and elastic, after using the feeling is quite fresh.


3, Scarbrandi Voluminous Shampoo. It cleans dirt and grease from your hair, but use it sparkly if you have dry hair.


4, Plump hair shampoo. This shampoo contains lobster shell, childism and other selected plant extract liquid, after use can let hair support force become strong.


Is hair sparsely wiped ginger useful


When it comes to hair care, everyone’s first reaction may be to use ginger, or eat some polygonum multiflorum, the use of ginger to wipe hair can really solve the problem of scarce hair? Ginger belongs to heat, it can promote blood circulation of the scalp, so it has the role of promoting hair growth.


But if your hair is thinning due to hair loss, rubbing ginger may not help. There are many reasons for hair loss, if it is seborrheic hair loss, then there is no need to wipe hair with ginger, it is best to immediately go to the hospital.


In fact, there was a message on the network earlier, ginger not only can not solve the problem of hair loss, but also inhibit hair growth, but later by experts refuted rumors, the truth is maopuri: seborrheic hair loss caused by rare, so with ginger hair has no effect, ginger or inhibit hair growth, in fact, this statement is not scientific.


Hair sparse care matters needing attention


Hair quantity is little you need to do the nursing work of each step, above all cannot frequent shampoo, do not use the conditioner that has nourishing effect, the water temperature of shampoo is not too high. Below take a look at the hair sparse care matters needing attention.


1, Use shampoo correctly. The correct way to clean your hair is to pour shampoo on your hands, then add water to lather and apply it to your scalp.


2, Don’t pull your hair. When combing the hair, remember not to use force. First gently comb the part of the knot, and then slowly move it down.


3, Don’t wash your hair too warm or for too long. The water temperature of shampoo should not exceed 40℃, and the time of shampoo should be controlled within 10 minutes, otherwise the oil of scalp will be washed off.


4,Don’t wear conditioner for too long. 5 minutes of conditioner? In fact, it doesn’t help. Generally speaking, it can be washed off after 2 minutes.

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