How to attract customers to nail salon activities

wu meijie Date:2021-09-27 10:29:03
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Before the holiday comes, you should design a variety of nail art styles suitable for the holiday and design for different people to match the color and atmosphere of the holiday.


Many customers have complained to us that it is very difficult to design the styles and many times it is difficult to innovate. In response to the needs of our customers, Tianmei designs a variety of new styles to suit the holiday season for our salon members every year before each important holiday. In addition, after the design of the styles need to do a certain amount of publicity, in-store for the brand, decorative posters and so on.




In the holiday season, must be designed for the holiday theme and atmosphere to decorate the store’s environment, but also in the store can be a special place to do holiday service area, these environmental design on the customer’s consumer psychology is a great influence; in the holiday season can also be preferential form of push store membership card or points card, discount cards, etc., to do some special offers to attract new customers, accumulate popularity; holiday season launched The membership card can also be designed to commemorate the card and so on. In the production of the card should pay attention to the exquisite design, as well as calculate its discount cost, for all kinds of customers to develop customer files.


For holiday discount promotions, the available methods are direct discounts, indirect discounts and package discounts. Doing discount promotions during the holidays is less impact on the store’s brand, but still pay attention to its rate and time, and in the promotional design must be simple and clear, pay attention to the words and phrases that guests like to promote; you can also choose some small gifts to carry out promotions, there is also a lot of learning in the gift giving, should try to impress consumers with practical, good quality, beautiful and elegant gifts, holiday promotions are best to fit the Holiday promotions are best suited to the theme and atmosphere of the holiday. If the poor quality of goods as a gift, it is likely to cause customer resentment.

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