How to use the automatic curler

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In the eyes of many people, curly haired girls have more beautiful and charming feelings than straight haired girls, so many girls have turned straight into music and joined the army of curly haired beauties. But some girls are stubborn. They want to turn into a romantic curly girl, and they don’t want to go to the barber’s for a perm. What should I do now? Don’t worry, the automatic curler can help you. You don’t need to go to the barber shop. You can curl your hair quietly at home! Although many girls say they are in the advanced stage of hand cancer and can’t operate the curler happily, what nikisho wants to tell you is that the automatic curler is easy to operate and easy to use. Xiaobai must like it! Well, let’s see how the automatic curler works!


How to use the automatic curler


The automatic hair curler can make you have a variety of shapes. Whether it’s straight hair or curly hair, you can catch it with your hand. Now nikisho will introduce you to the use step of automatic curler. Come to mark!


1,Gently blow the hair from the inside and outside of the hair with a hair dryer to dry the wet hair;


2,Arrange your hair and apply some amount of essence to your hair.


3,Put the hair from the hair tail into the automatic curler and close the ceramic box;


4,The automatic hair curler will automatically wind up the hair, and release the hair curler after hearing the prompt sound of “drop”;


5,When using the automatic hair curler, after the hair bundle is rolled up, gently support the rolled part with the other hand to make the electric hair curler slide slowly;


6,When rolling bangs, use an automatic curler to roll half a circle, so that the curl will be very natural;


7,Finally, you can apply some hair wax on your hands and on your curled hair, which can keep the curl of your hair more lasting.


Does the automatic curler work


Many beautiful women who love watching Korean dramas often see that the female owner will wrap colorful plastic curling sticks around her head before going to the appointment, but they often don’t know much about automatic curlers. So, does the automatic curler work?


The automatic hair curler is generally composed of a handle and a heating drum. The heating drum is made of tourmaline ceramic panel, which can evenly disperse heat, improve the hair protein structure, so as to create bending, and protect the hair from thermal damage during ironing. The automatic curler integrates multiple functions. It not only has the function of curling and straightening, but also can protect and nourish hair while perming. The most important thing is that the operation of the automatic curler is often simple. Even if you are Xiaobai with hands-on skills of 0, you can easily hold the automatic curler. Therefore, the automatic curler is still very useful. You can have a bold try!


Does the automatic curler hurt your hair


Many girls said that the automatic curler needs to be heated, so will the high temperature cause thermal damage to the hair during perm?


Because the automatic curler belongs to the electric curler, the high temperature may cause some damage to the hair, but its damage effect is still far less than that of permanent perm. However, the panel of automatic hair curler is generally made of ceramic, which can evenly disperse heat, improve the structure of hair protein to create bending, and protect hair from thermal damage during ironing. Therefore, the automatic curler does cause some damage to the hair, but as long as you operate reasonably, the damage is relatively small. It is suggested that you should use moisturizing and moisturizing washing products afterwards. At the same time, you must wait until your hair is dry before using the automatic curler, otherwise the automatic curler will bring great harm to your hair.


automatic curler


What brand of automatic hair curler is good


See here, many girls have indicated that they want to start an automatic curler. There are so many automatic curlers on the market that it’s dazzling. So, which one is better than the automatic curler?


Philips ceramic curler


6mm curling pliers can easily create natural and dynamic curls. The modeling temperature of 190 ° C creates a perfect curling effect. The automatic power-off function also makes people feel more at ease when using.


Babyliss automatic curler


Create curly hair quickly, and novices can get started quickly. And its damage to hair is very small, and the modeling effect is also lasting.


Wavebetter automatic curler


The modeling can be completed in a few minutes. A variety of different crimping effects can be combined through the selection of crimping direction, temperature and time.


CHB automatic curler


It has three classic hairstyles: natural wave, soft curl and fashionable charm, and a variety of DIY combinations. The operation is simple and different effects can be set.


Can I use an automatic curler for wet hair


Some beauties like to wash their hair before perm. However, because of the short time, they often don’t have time to blow their hair, let alone let it dry naturally. At this time, they often use automatic curlers in the state of wet hair. But is that really all right?


Here I want to tell you that wet hair can’t use automatic curler. This is because after washing your head, the hair scales are open. At this time, if you are eager to use the automatic curler for modeling, it will cause great damage to the hair.


Some beauties often like to use some moisturizing cream on their dry hair, believing that this will reduce heat damage. In fact, after the oil covers the hair, it will make the water more difficult to evaporate, so as to prolong the contact time between the hair and the hot wind, and the heat damage is aggravated. So after you wash your hair, you must wait until your hair is dry before you can use the automatic curler for hair DIY.

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