If you don’t know how to take care of your nails, your nails will become “nailless”!

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As a delicate girl, that must be delicate from the roots of the hair to the nails. Makeup is far from satisfying the heart of the girl, nails also want to be beautiful.But after doing nails frequently, did you find a problem, nails are actually very fragile, not as strong as imagined, in the nail “beautiful beautiful” when many people neglected to “take care of it”, nails become fragile, and even become disabled and ugly! The nails become fragile and even ugly! Some students can be described as “a nail deep like the sea”, a day can not be separated from the nail, but frequent manicure is very easy to have the following problems.


Thinner and softer nails


Before each manicure, you have to use a nail file to file your nails, and the more times you do it, the thinner they get.


The nail becomes easy to be upturned


When the nail thickness becomes soft, it tends to stick up when it touches hard objects.


It tends to develop into nail fungus


The nail plate files off the nail epithelium, and the nail matrix loses protection, which can easily cause redness and pus in the nail crease, and can develop into nail fungus in serious cases.


Vulnerable to microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses


Long-term polishing of the nails, as well as the erosion of the nails by the chemicals in the nail polish, can cause severe damage to the cuticle of the nails. The nail is the outermost layer of protection and is naturally susceptible to various types of bacteria.


Affect your health


The use of bad nail polish, which contains benzodicarbonate, fluorescent agent, etc., which is more harmful to the body.


In addition, nail art can easily cause damage to the nails, and our own incorrect practices are also easy to produce harm to the nails.




Directly pick nail art


After a period of time, the nail will be more or less broken, some children will unconsciously pick off the nail, a key key off the whole nail, the result of their own nails are also stripped together with this layer of skin, really than the nail set friction on the nail damage, nails become thinner, more soft.


Pulling barbs with bare hands


I don’t know if any of my friends have OCD, touching the finger has a barb, regardless of the three or twenty-one directly into the hand to pull out, smooth when pulling out cool; not smooth directly pull out the blood. If you don’t handle it properly, your finger will be swollen for a few days, which is painful and ugly; you also have to be careful everywhere to avoid infecting your finger with bacteria.


Too frequent cleaning of nail beds and dead skin


There is also a compulsive patient who likes to clean the nail bed and dead skin, but in fact it can easily cause inflammation of the nail bed, and in serious cases it can also bring the risk of nail infection. In addition, the more dead skin is trimmed, the thicker the growth of dead skin will be.


Frequent manicures and incorrect nail care will make your nails more and more unhealthy, so what is the right thing to do? The correct care posture GET up. In fact, many of the behaviors that hurt the nails are caused by personal compulsions, so first of all, we must tell ourselves from the heart level, not itchy hands, to slow down or change the outbreak of compulsions, then the next improvement measures you have to do:


Reduce the number of times you do nail art


We all have a love of beauty, but we must be sensible! Reduce the number of times you do your nails and give them a chance to “breathe”. About 3 weeks to 1 month after removing the nail to continue to do more appropriate. What should I do if I am worried about my nail art being too ugly? You can try rubbing clear nail polish. After you put on the clear nail polish, it looks both shiny and textured, and can still be eye-catching; and by the way, you can protect your nails, so that the new nails are not easily fragile and broken.


Clean up dead skin and barbs around nails regularly


As with face care, hands need to be exfoliated regularly to keep yourself from picking your nails. Dead skin and barbs around fingernails are aging cuticles that can be removed by massaging them directly with products such as exfoliating gels or scrubs. Or soak your hands in warm olive oil for 10 minutes and then remove them with nail clippers.


Trim the shape of your nails regularly


Nails that are too long and too sharp are not only inconvenient for daily work, but also easy to break. Regularly trim your nails to avoid overgrown nails. When trimming your nails, you can soak your fingers in hot water for 5 minutes to soften the nails for a better cut. Remember, the bottom of the nail near the finger edge of the half-moon membrane, the bottom of a thin layer of small skin called Ganoderma, is where the nail growth, never cut off this layer of skin!!!


Moisturize and maintain your nails


Don’t look at the nails hard, think very “strong”, usually don’t care about her, in fact, it is also part of the skin, but also to get daily nourishment, you can choose to choose lipid-rich products such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, olive oil and other simple skin care products as finger cream, to the nail moisture lock water, so that the nail elasticity is not easy to break. In addition, you can also give finger edge oil, nail polish used to massage the nails, but also to improve the blood circulation of the nails, so that the nails pink and tender.


 Eat more high quality protein foods


The main component of nails is protein, which reflects the health of the body. To have shiny nails, you should always eat high quality protein foods, such as fish and gelatinous foods.

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