Ins super chic summer nail art without hitting the model!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 17:46:02
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In addition to buying new clothes all year round, there is one thing that beauty lovers never forget, and that is to do nail art!


The fashionable trendsetter of nail art has been changing, in order to let you do the most beautiful cubs in this summer, today to give you some of the most in nail art, take a good picture to do absolutely beautiful ~.If we talk about the hottest nail elements this year, irregular lines have to rank first!


The pattern may seem irregular, but it has a casual and natural feel to it, bringing a sense of embellishment to the fingertips.Simple color matching is more clean, more versatile than other elements, no matter what style can easily manage ~.


Especially the black and white color scheme, is not a kind of fire from last year to this year’s animal print sense of resemblance, the trend is proper ~ ~.


nail art


The needs of sisters who love to jump out of color can also be taken into account! Who can say that oil colors and geometric lines do not match?


Want to play a little different? May try to combine with mother-of-pearl, sticker diamonds and other elements, and neutralize these slightly “fancy” elements to bring the heavy sense of simplicity and advanced out.If you’re tired of doing French nails, pick irregular geometric style for a change!


The halo nail is also an old friend in the hearts of nail players, but don’t do ice through the halo anymore, color contrast color block halo is the main event this year!This shift has also torn through the gentle filter of the halo nail fixation, and the style has become diverse.


However, if you want to be a little more fairy, choose a slightly contrasting Morandi color scheme that will still wow you while showing off a lot of new ideas.This type of color scheme will have a sense of painting on the fingertips.


I recommend the brighter hues! It will be more energetic, more skin tone, and not too over the top~.If you’re not a fan of the halo nail, you’ll be able to get it.Last but not least, halo nails yyds!


Graffiti nail can be said to be the evergreen in the nail industry, still not ready to do one?


Compared to the previous meticulous painting work, this year the casual pattern outlined in a few strokes will have a more artistic feel.When you do it, you must stop the nail technician from wanting to add details! The essence of graffiti nails is to simplify the complexity to maximize the beauty~.


This is the charm of the graffiti element, which is childish and not too childish, and gives a sense of “this person’s aesthetic hin good”.Especially when combined with eggshell glue or animal print elements, it is not easy to hit the model and not too monotonous.

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