Long curly hair is out, and 2021 will see these chic hairstyles that look slimmer

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For girls, hairstyle can change their temperament and appearance level. Girls with bad facial features can modify their shortcomings by changing their hairstyle, and girls with bad face shape can also change their hairstyle to modify their face shape to make their face look smaller and more delicate. For most girls, long curly hair is more able to highlight the feminine flavor, but long curly hair is going to “bad street”, walking in the street is easy to be submerged by the crowd, it is better to choose a fashionable and unique hairstyle, become the focus of the crowd beautiful.


Long curly hair is out, and 2021 will see these chic hairstyles that look slimmer.


Personality short hair


Now more and more girls like neutral style, so all kinds of foreign style and personality short hair is more popular. Short hair not only can let a person look more capable, do at ordinary times rise more convenient also. There’s a lot of character to this cut, and even though it looks like there’s very little hair, it’s this feeling that gives this cut new life. The broken hair on the sides of the face adds some flow to the look, adding to the charm and making the face look smaller.




Korean short hair


Believe that many sisters have seen this kind of short hair in Korean dramas, age reduction and vitality, very suitable for girls with sweet smile. Because this short hair has a certain radian, so it also adds a lot of playful sense, can give a person a smart and lively sense. You can cut it all year round and it’s stylish, with the neat bangs providing a touch of embellishment for your roundish sister and making your face look smaller.


Layered shoulder-length hair


If you don’t need the weight of your short hair, try a layered cut to give it more personality. This style is more suitable for girls and women in the workplace who prefer a more androgynous look. It gives a powerful aura and draws attention to her.


His ear hair


Relatively for, the female of temperamental grace can bring micro curl hair style more, to promote temperament very helpful, let a person feel can have intellectual breath. So the witch suggested to choose this short hair sister can wear a little effort, try to dress a little more elegant, let a person feel more clean.



Egg roll hair


If you’re younger and want curly and short hair, omelets are a great choice. If the short hair is very small, then it is easy to iron the old hair, very old style. The curve of this kind of curly hair is fashionable and attractive, but also very age reduction, is very suitable for teens to 30 years old sister. At the same time, it is also a very volume-based hairstyle, which is very friendly to sisters with less hair.


Natural cover with hair


When the sisters’ hair length is in the awkward period, this hairstyle is a good choice, foreign style and age reduction, but also with a sexy and messy beauty, very good-looking. And still do not need to do seriously at ordinary times very good-looking, can try.

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