Meet the Y2K Heart Nail Art That’s Trending This Fall

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The year is 2000. There is no Netflix or Hulu. The only “shows” that matter are TRL and the TGIF lineup on ABC. You own a Tamagotchi (or a Giga Pet) and have enough butterfly clips on your head to take flight. Life is simple…and, sorry, where were we? Right, fall 2021 nail art trends.


Well, it just so happens that one of the emerging trends in the nail world is something straight from that era. Dubbed “Y2K heart nails,” it’s an homage to the bubbly heart doodles we drew all over our binders in junior high school. (You know, right next to the large S or “Stussy S” that somehow every tween and teen knew how to draw during that time.)


While we may not be going back to school ourselves, that doesn’t mean we can’t relive a bit of that excitement with some nostalgic nail art this fall. Ahead, nine ways to wear Y2K heart nails.


liquid eyeliner


The trend itself is said to be inspired by the Powerpuff girls. You can see this aesthetic reflected in the bright colors and the way the hearts beam out in multiple layers.


For a heart design that doesn’t scream “Valentine’s Day!” you can balance things out with some color-coordinating French tips.


Or you can change the entire vibe by opting for a groovy color palette.This vibrant take on the trend reminds us of another Y2K staple: Lisa Frank.

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