Protect the 7 steps of hair, each is very simple, the person that can do is very few, no wonder hair is little

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To have a head of smooth and healthy hair is what every girl wants. After all, if the hair quality is good, even if it is not particularly good hair style or hair color, it can also show that they are a particular girl to a large extent. Hair is always very fluffy, or hair quality is very poor, even if there is a good hair style or hair color, is also meaningless, after all, hair every day unkempt loose hair, will let everyone feel that they are a relatively sloppy person.


Want to develop a better hair, the usual hair care is indispensable. So today I’m here to talk to you about the 7 steps of the protection method. Each of them is very simple and can be done easily in daily life. Let’s take a look at some of these steps.


Number1: First comb the hair smoothly



A lot of people forget this step when they wash their hair. They just wet their hair and start shampooing. In fact, it is more important to comb your hair smoothly first. Especially some girls with long hair, the hair quality is rough at the end of the day, and long hair is easy to knot, if you wash directly the natural smoothness will be much worse, accidentally grasp the hair when it will cause hair loss.


Number2: Use some hair conditioner oil when time permits


hair care


A lot of girls will be used to wash their hair after applying a hair care oil, with a good effect of hair care oil. Then from the root of the hair to the end of the hair, with ten fingers like combing the same way to apply the oil on the hair, remember not to rub the hair, slowly stroke the hair and scalp on the line, and then let the hair care oil can stay on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes.


Number3: Wash your hair with water after foaming


When you wash your hair, don’t use too cold or too hot water. Wait until your hair is all wet before you shampoo it. After the shampoo bubbles out, massage your scalp with your fingers and then rinse it off with water. If it is a girl with long hair, it is recommended to massage the scalp and hair gently for a while, so that it will wash more clean, if there is often hair loss of people to choose anti-hair loss shampoo, so as to prevent hair from becoming less and less.


Number4: Use conditioner


In this step, there are a lot of girls will be in a hurry to wash the hair, think it is ok, actually in this step is more important, you need to protect hair before the hair as far as possible wring dry. Such ability is more convenient to protect hair element to be absorbed better by the hair, had better be to add a few steps to massage gently knead the gimmick with clear water again.


Number5: Use a hair dryer to dry 70-80%


A lot of people think that hair blowing is a very casual thing, in fact, this step is also more important, when blowing hair is best to try to avoid in the usual parting hair in that place to blow, you can use the opposite direction of the way to blow hair, so as to prevent the old lines that part of the scalp bald too fast. And when blowing hair, about seventy or eighty percent dry can be blown. It is easy to cause dry conditions when blowing too dry. This way is more damage to hair quality, and it is best to use cold wind to blow.


Number6: further do care


When blowing the hair, it is best to go up to protect hair essential oil again, especially in the hair heel and hair end place to do a good job of nursing, especially in the hair quality is relatively poor stage, this step is also more important. This way is not only good for the newly grown hair, and we are generally the end of the hair will be relatively dry, this time just washed hair is relatively clean, there is no other magazine, so hair absorption essential oil will be relatively good absorption.


Number7: Develop a healthy sleep schedule


The above steps have been done, just an external care, hair is an important image of our girls, and now there are a lot of people because of the pressure of work and rest, resulting in the phenomenon of hair fall, and with the growth of age, will become more and more serious. Therefore, although external care is very important, it is the most fundamental to develop a healthy sleep and rest time. After all, if you do not get a good rest, your metabolism will gradually become weak, which will naturally cause hair loss.


The above summary of the 7 steps to protect hair is here today and everyone to chat, in fact, these steps in daily life is a very simple move, with a move can be done. If you want to keep your hair volume from decreasing as you age, you can’t be lazy in your usual hair care. So do you have any other better suggestions for hair care? If so, you can leave a comment below and discuss it with everyone!

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