Say goodbye to dry hair winter on these foods are good for hair

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 Say goodbye to dry hair winter on these foods are good for hair:




In life will find some people’s hair yellow, but this yellow is not dyed hair dyed out, but with the change of the season, turned yellow. Many people see some non-dyed yellow hair will say that this is malnutrition, but in fact, such a situation more often than not will occur in the acidic body of people, acidic body in life now more and more, this is because our diet is often not as safe as imagined, when we take more acidic food is caused by acidic physique.


The acidic body will cause the body to increase in acidic toxins, such toxins if you can not completely remove them, in the hair will be expressed as yellow.


For this situation, we can actually eat some alkaline food, for example, spinach. The winter season is ripe for spinach, and by eating spinach you can protect your body well. The alkaline spinach eaten into the body can effectively neutralize the toxins in the body, which is very helpful to improve the yellowing of the hair.


It is also rich in iron, which is very helpful for hair nourishment. Therefore, you can eat spinach in winter to effectively improve the yellowing of hair.




Eggs are the most common food in life, and many parents will cook an egg for their children every morning to get a good nutritional boost.


In fact, in life by eating eggs is also able to protect the hair well, because in the egg is rich in protein, protein can be very good to improve the body’s working condition, in the egg there is also the composition of the main component of the hair cystine, cysteine, these elements are an essential part of the process of hair care.


Therefore, you may want to eat eggs in your life to replenish your body’s nutrients and at the same time achieve the purpose of hair beauty and hair care.


hair care


 Lean meat


In fact, in life not only by eating eggs can protect the hair, eat lean meat is also able to protect the hair very well. Compared with fatty meat, lean meat has much less fat, but there is more protein and iron in lean meat.


These proteins can be a good supplement to the body’s functions and are necessary for nutritional intake. In terms of iron, sufficient iron is necessary for the body’s nutritional supplements and blood flow, which can help the body’s blood circulation.


Of course, lean meat, after all, there is still fat, these fats, although the amount of less, but when too much intake is caused by the accumulation of fat content, for health is a very big impact is caused by high blood lipids, atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease.


Therefore, in fact, in life through the intake of lean meat to protect the hair, of course, eat the amount of lean meat can not be too much, to control the 150g on the line, can not eat too much lean meat.




The yellowing of hair may also belong to the state of copper deficiency yellow hair, copper deficiency yellow hair is that the hair in the process of generating melanin lack of an important substance – tyrosinase, this substance is caused by the body copper deficiency, copper deficiency is affected by the activity of this enzyme, which will cause the hair to turn yellow.


There is sufficient copper in potatoes, and potatoes are also alkaline food, eat into the body to ensure the health of the body is very necessary for nutritional supplements.


Thus, you can eat potatoes to effectively protect your hair in life.


In addition to the above several cases, in life caused by yellow hair there is a reason, that is, long-term exposure to radiation, such as some office workers, radar detectors, X-ray researchers are a long time will be exposed to radiation, a long time will appear hair yellowing situation occurs.


Such a situation is to eat more food rich in vitamin A, vitamin A is able to effectively resist radiation. For example, in the winter time may wish to eat a little carrot, carrot ripe in winter, in winter eat carrot is able to effectively prevent hair yellowing, for hair nourishment is very helpful, also facilitate us to do hair styling later.


Therefore, in winter, when you notice your hair turning yellow, you may want to eat a little more carrots.

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