Selena Gomez’s Lime-Green Manicure Is So Refreshing

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When it comes to dressing during a heatwave, you want to think light and bright. Light and airy in fabric to keep the sweat at bay. In terms of color palette, you’ll want to trade in your black tops and dark sun-absorbing pieces for your stark whites and bright neons, like a hot-pink bikini or crop top.

When it comes to heatwave accessories like your manicure, the same logic applies: go with bright neon nail polish that pops. If you’re unsure of tone — magenta versus sunny yellow versus citrus green — Selena Gomez makes the case for the green, specifically a bright margarita-lime manicure that feels fresh for summer.


The musician and Rare Beauty founder just shared a selfie of her latest hot-weather glam look: A bronzed contour punctuated with hot-pink eyeshadow and neon-green fingernails.


 Selena Gomez


Tom Bachik, Gomez’s go-to manicurist, shared a photo of the long, squared, neon-green nails on Instagram, and even divulged the exact bright-green polish he used to create look: A Bio Seaweed Gel Polish in the shade Lime Time. Being a professional gel formula, the $25 polish requires taking a trip to the nail salon to cure under a UV lamp. In which case, you’re actually killing two birds with one stone: You get a trendy manicure, a carbon copy of Selena Gomez‘s, and an hour of air conditioning.

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