The 3 dimensions analysis, suitable for what hairstyle at a glance

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Observe the people around you can find that most girls now choose to wear their hair down, even in the heat of summer. Some people tie up their hair to show the old gas, some people will look good, why is it different? What is the cause of the tie hair and draped hair beauty degree is not the same?


1, hair tie and phi, which is more appropriate


I believe that many people have more or less heard the big face is not suitable for hair ties, bad face shape is not suitable for hair ties and so on remarks, think hair ties will expose the face big, bad face shortcomings. However, is this really the case? The answer is not absolute, because in addition to face shape, five features and head shape is also very important.


① Different visual center of gravity


Then how in the end to judge it?


The first thing that should be clear is that the “visual center of gravity” is different between hair extensions and hairdos. Generally speaking, the visual center of gravity is higher for tied hair, and the visual center of gravity is generally at the eyebrows and eyes; while the visual center of gravity is shifted down because of the hair, and the nose, lips and chin are more prominent. (This is the same principle as long hair or short hair.) Therefore, for people with developed bite muscles and sagging apple muscles, choose phi hair especially straight hair, it is easy to form a triangle with narrow top and wide bottom, and low center of gravity has the risk of showing earthiness. For such a face shape, choose to tie hair will be more beautiful. Similarly, people with unattractive eyebrows and good lips and chin will be more beautiful if they choose draped hair.


②Look at the face shape


The second point is to look at the face shape. For a good face shape, especially goose egg face, whether it is tied hair or draped hair, are very good. But for our common curvy face type should be careful. We often say that the face shape is bad, mainly refers to the temples sunken, cheekbone protruding or cheekbone square. This is because tied hair and draped hair has a great impact on the face shape. As shown in the figure below, the red box is the visual range seen by hair ties and hair plugs respectively. Compared to the next, hair plugs will emphasize the face shape more and show the curve of the face.




③Look at the head shape


The third point is to look at the head shape. In popular aesthetics, a good-looking head shape is a high cranial top (head wrapped around the face) and a rounded back of the head. For example, Li Yifei’s head shape, the height of the top of the skull is not much different from the height of the forehead, so that the top of the skull is more young sense, such a head shape whether tied or draped can maintain the beauty of the degree. The other head shapes will more or less visually produce the effect of showing age or magnifying the shortcomings of the face. The most common head shapes we see are low cranial tops, or pointed heads, etc. For these head shapes, the risks associated with hair extensions are much greater than those associated with hair extensions. Therefore, it’s safer to wear your hair down if it’s not a standard head shape. If you want to tie your hair, you need to pay attention to three aspects: fluffiness, cranial padding or head modification. (The specific method will be talked about later)


If you are still more hesitant, then the following two aspects will allow you to make further judgments.


2, which people tie hair more colorful? Which people are more suitable for draping hair?


After reading the above three points, I believe you already have a general judgment, that for the phi and tie hair will be the same to expose the shortcomings, how to determine the tie hair good-looking or phi good-looking it? At this point, we have to put aside the head shape and look at other parties. The most suitable one is the one that can show the most advantages.


①Shoulder line, head to shoulder ratio


The first is the shoulder affected by the hairstyle, the shaved hair will cover the shoulder, so that the head presence is stronger, that the head to shoulder ratio is not good girls are at a disadvantage. For this case, choose to tie the hair will be better. But if the lower half of the face does not have the advantage, semi-tucked hair is a good choice. The same shoulder line is not good draped hair or half draped hair will be more appropriate.


②Strengthen your own style


There is another point is the style itself. The hair tie or cape itself with a style attributes, we are more likely to think that the hair tie will look clean and sharp, while the cape will have a kind of intellectual sweetness. For example, if you can strengthen your personal style by tying your hair, then choose to tie it up. Like this big bright tied hair or coiffure style is very clear, so that the personal style is obvious, and strong aura, then also weaken the face, head shortcomings.


3, how to tie hair, draped hair more beautiful?


In addition, you can also use hairstyles to make up for the shortcomings.


① Hairline, face modification


For the head shape and face shape, you can use hairstyles to trim. For example, if the head shape is not good, then whether it is tied or draped, make the head shape appear more rounded, use picking the top of the head, make the hair more fluffy, etc. Or when the face is badly shaped, you can choose to modify it with bangs. For example, if you have sunken temples, choose eight bangs, or use chopped hair or lobster bangs to cover them up. For those who have sunken temples and also have flared cheekbones, you can choose to use longer trimmed hair, or just choose short curly hair.


② Fluffiness


Finally whether it is tied hair or draped hair, for everyday we have to make the hair fluffy, tight to the scalp hairstyle will look old, but also very easy to expose the shortcomings of the head and face shape. Look at this motion picture will be able to intuitively feel the impact of hair fluffiness. Hair fluffy can also visually show a small face.


To sum up.


1) Visual center of gravity > face shape > head shape


2) For girls with good head and face shape, whether it is a hair tie or a haircut can play a beautiful degree.


3) for the upper part of the facial features of good-looking girls and head shape is not too hard, more suitable for hair extensions; and the lower part of the good-looking girls more suitable for draping.


4) face shape has a clear sense of curve, try to avoid the middle part of the straight hair, oblique chapter will be much better, choose to tie the hair will also have a trimming effect.

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