The hair after ironing dye is particularly dry, 7 protect hair small clever move, let your hair more lustrous!

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Before this period of time, we gather to perm and dye hair. After perm and dye, hair quality is dry due to lack of water, or injury and other situations also happen from time to time. The maintenance of hair is particularly important. Today I first give you a few knowledge of popular science hair care, and then share with you a few hot dyed hair care after the small coup, I hope to help you.


No matter what causes hair damage, it is irreversible, because hair and human nails are protein bodies, itself is not life and self-repair ability. When perm dye hair, can take away the moisture in the hair and protein, form a lot of large and small cavity in the cortical layer of the hair, leave uneven surface in epidermis layer, bring about a hair to raise hair to lose moisture to evaporate, lack burnish and elasticity.


This kind of circumstance is nursed through targeted only and maintain, use the supplement such as the ingredient such as the amino acid in nursing hair film, protein and collagen, let a hair be close to the state of normal hair, but cannot restore to hot the healthy state before dyeing.


Hair mask is a special product for hair care, including various hair care. Small amino acids and proteins can penetrate deeper into the hair and fill the cavities. The large protein molecules form a protective film on the surface of the hair, filling in the uneven surface and giving the hair a shiny, elastic look.


But these nutrients in the hair membrane will gradually lose when washing hair, and damaged hair is like a funnel, in and out, if not timely supplement, the nutrients in the hair will still lose. Therefore, hair care is not a one-time thing, but a long-term behavior, in order to keep hair in a relatively healthy state.


Hair film nursing belongs to acid, damaged hair is to show alkalescent state mostly, the hair film that uses acid nursing can be right gradually the redundant alkalescent component in washing out a hair, restore elasticity and burnish thereby. Thus it can be seen that hair film care is a long-term process, by no means certain products propaganda once so magical. Knowing these basic knowledge, the following began to share some more effective hair care methods.


 hair care


1, people with conditions can choose to hair salon, by professional personnel for the state of your hair, choose the right care products, through professional techniques and equipment assistance, let your hair to maximize the absorption of nutrients, to achieve the effect of care and maintenance;


2, there is no condition to go to the salon to do, they can also maintain their hair at home, if you want to achieve better results, a week to carry out not less than one hair film care, and you insist, three days fishing two days drying net, no matter how good the hair film will not have effect;


3,For seriously damaged hair, when making hair film, add 1/4 white vinegar, mix it well and smear it on the hair, rub it to ensure that the hair is fully absorbed. The effect is very significant. The purpose of using white vinegar is to better balance ph, help nutrients more fully penetrate into the hair, and also to lock in water;


4, after ironing and dyeing the injured but not very serious hair, do hair film when you can add a few drops of pure plant olive oil, moisture hair effect is also very good.


5,When washing hair daily, it is best to choose special products for ironing and dyeing. Or use silicone oil free shampoo and care products;


6, soft, dry and easy to knot hair, hair washing, first use hair conditioner, and then hair dredging comb smooth, and then normal shampoo and hair care, the effect will improve a lot, can effectively prevent hair street winding, increase smoothness;


7,Hair conditioner must be used after daily washing. Because the conditioner can balance the alkaline ingredients in the shampoo very well, it can also play a lubricating role and increase the glossiness of the hair.


These small methods above are summed up from practice, each method is very effective, you just need to choose the right method according to your own situation, and do it consistently, your hair will be better and better.

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