The hair is particularly dry and irritable. What method can I ask to restore the hair to a smooth state?

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Dry hair is really a disturbing thing, so many girls began to find a solution. After trying all kinds of shampoo and hair mask, the hair is still dry. What’s the problem? Can’t dry hair be solved? Today, let’s talk about whether the dry hair can be restored.


The cause of dry hair


What if your hair is particularly dry? First, find out why your hair is dry. Some people are born with dry hair, such as sofa hair. This kind of hair quality belongs to the problem of hair quality itself. The hair just washed is easier to paste dry and manic. The next day or when the hair is dirty, it feels better to be dry and manic. This kind of hair quality is the most embarrassing. Some people’s hair is dry and irritable because frequent perm and hair dyeing lead to dry hair. After the hair quality is damaged, there will be a sense of irritability, so the two situations are different.


1,Sofa self rolling belongs to naturally dry and impetuous hair, which is the reason of hair itself;


2,Excessive cold perm will lead to a lack of water in the hair and a sense of irritability. Too high scalding temperature will also lead to a dry feeling;


3,Frequent hair dyeing, especially hair bleaching, has a great impact on hair quality and will dry up;


4,Frequent use of electrothermal hairdressing tools, such as electric curling rods, electric splints, hair dryers, etc., or lead to high-temperature damage to the hair, resulting in stiff, broken, forked, dry and other phenomena.


Dry hair, what shampoo can you use to restore your hair to health?


Many people are very concerned about this problem. In fact, shampoo to improve hair quality is purely exaggerated publicity, and most people are misled! The function of shampoo is to wash the dirty things on the hair and scalp. Some special types of shampoo will add some effects, such as dandruff removal, anti peeling, moisturizing, anti itching, etc. This is only the corresponding conditioning for some symptoms of the scalp. Different from the scalp, the damaged hair cannot return to the normal state, and any shampoo can’t make your dry hair healthy and smooth, even the best conditioner can’t. Conditioner can only play a natural and smooth role, which can not be changed for dry and irritable hair.


What way can dry hair return to a supple and healthy state?


If it is natural sofa hair, in addition to the ion ironing straightening method can quickly improve the texture of hair, other methods can not make this hair soft and smooth. Even if you do hair mask care every day, you can only change your hair quality from the feel, and the irritability of your hair can not be eliminated. Even after ion perm, the hair newly grown from the hair root will still be the manic sofa hair, which is also the most helpless part of the sofa hair.


For the hair irritability caused by frequent perming and dyeing, the hair can only be maintained through the care of hair film. Because once the hair is damaged, it is impossible to return to a healthy state. Because hair has no life and self-healing ability, it can only rely on professional care products such as hair mask to moisturize and smooth hair. But the state of hair cannot be changed. In this case, it can only be made smooth and shiny by means of scorched hair reduction or hair shaping and correction.


Frequent use of electric hair tools leads to dry hair, so you can only cut off the dry hair tail. Because the hair damaged by high temperature has mild carbonization, this kind of hair has basically been scrapped and has no repair value. Therefore, it is recommended to cut off the dry parts of the hair tail, reduce the use frequency of high-temperature hairdressing tools, or adjust the operation mode, and cooperate with hair film care to gradually restore the vitality of the hair.


hair tools


How to maintain dry and impetuous hair every day?


In this case, maintenance and nursing can only be carried out from the following aspects, but the hair can not be restored to a normal and healthy state. Unless special methods such as ion perm or hair correction are adopted, the hair can temporarily become smooth and soft, but the maintenance and care of the hair should be strengthened. Because many cavities will be formed after the hair is damaged, resulting in water evaporation and nutrient loss, the role of hair film care is to fill the cavities, lock the nutrients in the hair, and wrap a film on the front surface of the hair to increase smoothness and gloss. However, the nutrients in the hair will be lost with shampoo or high temperature, so you need to supplement nutrients at any time in order to make the nutrients in the hair play the best role. The specific operation methods are as follows:


1,It is recommended to use single wash and single care products without silicone oil.


2,When shampooing, first apply conditioner to the dry hair at the tip and gently rub it for three to five minutes. Then rinse off with warm water, and then wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner, so that your hair will be smoother.


3,Do hair mask care at least once a week to supplement the nutrients and moisture required by the hair and keep the hair as it is. If the interval is too long, the hair will be more dry and irritable after the loss of nutrients in the hair. Therefore, we must adhere to the hair mask in order to have a certain effect.


4,If the hair is seriously damaged, it is recommended to add some white vinegar when making the hair mask, which can help the hair better absorb the nutrients in the hair mask and quickly fill the cavities caused by the damage, so that the hair can be well maintained from inside to outside.


5,When washing your hair daily, it is recommended that you use conditioner every time you wash your hair. Because the conditioner can moisturize the hair, increase the smoothness and luster of the hair, and look softer from the visual effect.


The above five methods can only improve the state of hair from the perspective of maintenance and nursing. But it can’t return to normal. I hope you must make it clear that hair damage can’t be reversed. Don’t be misled by others, and don’t expect a certain shampoo to restore your hair. This is a dream.

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