These 5 things hurt the most hair! Many women have been hit by every one of them!

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Healthy and beautiful hair can make women look more charming and attractive. Although most women have hair problems, however, there are some conditions that represent healthy hair, such as 50-100 hair loss per day, thick and soft, elastic, stable growth, women who love beauty can be used as the basis for hair care.


What hair signs are normal?


1,Hair falls out every day


Hair has its growth cycle, including the growth period, the middle growth period and resting period. It is normal to lose 50~100 hairs per day. So the hair that falls on the pillow or clothes every day does not represent hair weakness or potential problems.


2,Hair has elasticity


Another sign of healthy hair is elasticity. Elasticity is used to measure how far a lock of hair can be stretched and how much it can be restored to its original state. Healthy hair extends but does not break and easily bounces back to its original state.


3,Hair is thick and soft


Healthy hair should be thick, soft, and have a natural luster. On the contrary, if your hair is thin, hard and easy to break, are signs of unhealthy.




4,Steady hair growth


As part of the growth cycle, each lock of hair on the cranium grows 1-1.25 centimeters per month, while the sides and back grow 1.5 to -12 centimeters per month. So steady growth is a sign of healthy hair.


5,Humidity retention is very good


Dry hair is another common problem for most people. It looks rough, lifeless and loses all its luster. So if your hair retains moisture well and doesn’t look dry, it means it is healthy.


How to care for women’s hair instructions


1,No need to shampoo your hair every day


If your hair is not very oily every day, you can not have to wash it every day. The natural oils in your hair can protect your scalp from UV damage.


2,Avoid excessive pulling


In addition to perming and dyeing your hair, styling is also one of the ways to make your appearance look beautiful. However, special attention should be paid when styling, do not over-pull the hair, so as not to cause hair breakage.


3, try to avoid dyeing and perming


Although dyeing and perming can make you look brighter and more beautiful, applying chemicals to your hair too often can easily harm your hair and scalp and affect your hair quality.


4,Avoid chemical products


Most of the shampoo, conditioner and styling products with added fragrances contain chemical ingredients, and the frequent use of these products can harm the scalp and affect hair health, and even lead to skin cancer.


5,Hair should also be protected from the sun


Many women ignore the sun protection of hair, but hair can also be harmed by UV rays, causing scalp injury and dry hair. Therefore, it is best to use sunscreen spray on the hair when you go out, or wear a hat.

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